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Meipuru-pu; The New Way for Exploring Hiroshima

By Guidable Writers Mar 10, 2017

Sightseeing Loop Bus of Downtown Hiroshima

You might be confused when you see the word for the first time, but this loop bus is getting popular for new transportation among with people who visit Hiroshima. This strange name comes from Hiroshima’s prefectural tree maple and loop and is coated in red, kind of unofficial image color of the city. To enjoy Hiroshima more, check its features for your next trip.


How to Catch the Bus

Meipuru-pu has 2 routes; Orange and Green Route. Because both routes start from Shinkansen Exit (North Exit) of Hiroshima Station and stop at major destinations like the Peace Memorial Park, Kamiyacho, Hatchobori, etc., you had better catch the bus these places. The bus has its own bus stop below, and you can get on/out the bus there. Each stop has a time table, and you can check the schedule of the next bus. Because all bus stops are located at the same place of the fixed-route bus, you need to pay attention not to catch the wrong bus.

In-Car Announcement

Though the bus doesn’t have bus tour guide, the driver and in-car video tell you the detail of each destination which is the next stop. The video is shown on the fare display near in front of the car and another display device. There are no bilingual drivers, but video guides you both in Japanese and English (caption only). While you are staying the bus, you might be excited about beautiful street lined with there and other passengers might be the same. However, you shouldn’t be too loud though Japanese passengers are talking loudly. It is not chartered bus, and some people don’t really like this noisy situation. You may also drink your own beverage, but don’t bring alcohol and food.

Fares and Choices of Payment

The fares cost 200 yen for an adult (12 years and older) or 100 yen for the child (6 to 11 years) per ride. You usually pay fares by cash, but ICOCA and PASPY are also accepted if you have either one. According to the newspaper, Suica, PASMO, etc. will be accepted in Hiroshima by the end of March 2018, but it is not sure yet about it is also applied to Meipuru-pu. If you want to visit several places by this bus, one-day ticket below would be valuable. You buy it from the driver, and he scratches off the date on the back side to activate your ticket. You have to show this side to the driver when you get on the bus. Moreover, Japan Rail Pass is also accepted if you have this, but JR-West Rail Pass is not valid. If you are interested in sightseeing double-decker tour bus, money-saving ticket set is also available. More info;