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New facts about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!

By Guidable Writers Sep 1, 2017

New facts about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!


On 18th August, the latest information about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is released on Youtube! Now, let’s us take a look at the information and check what kind of changes have been made from the previous series. If you have seen the video on Youtube, I think you will be able to notice that there are several points that are different from the previous series. If you have played the previous series, see how many differences have you been able to point out!


The New outlook of the protagonists released

The new outlooks of the protagonists are released! You might notice that their faces are similar to those of the anime series. When you see the pictures, it seems that the age of the characters are younger than those of the previous series. If you choose the male protagonist, you will find a boy with no sleeve shirt and shorts. You can see the boy is wearing a swimwear, and that reminds us of the male protagonist in the BW2 series!


For the girl, you can see that the girl has became way younger than the previous series, despite you cannot see the change in her face. You can see that the characters have become slightly different from the previous series. Next, let’s take a look at the Pokemons!


The three main pokemons remain the same, but the map changes!



From the official ad, you can see that the three basic pokemons remains the same from the previous series. However, the scenario might have changed a bit, because from the ads, we can see that where you can choose the pokemon is different from that of the previous series. You can expect a completely different story line.


Dark Hole

The new map is also released, and you can find an area that you have never seen before in the last series! When you compare the two maps (previous series and the latest series), you can find a huge difference in them. First, you can see a dark hole in the left side of the island, which did not appear before!


We can assume that the dark hole on the island is related to the mysterious pokemon Necrozma. We predict that the Pokemon is going to affect the story a lot. We can expect a very complicated story line in the latest series.


New Island

Also, on the top right corner of the world, there is a new island that was not clearly seen in the previous series. So, can we expect that there will be a new place that we can visit?


New Beach

If you take a look at the left side of the map, you can see that there is a new beach near the no2 road.


Gyms will not appear in the latest series.

One of the most popular features of Pokemon, Pokemon Gyms, disappeared in the previous series. It has disappointed a lot of Pokemon fan. In the previous series there were 8 empty areas that the place was big enough to build gyms, but some of the areas have been filled up with new buildings. Therefore, we will not expect that the gyms will go to be back in this series.


You can walk your pokemon!

In the long Pokemon Histoy, there were not many chances that you can walk your pokemons. Dating back to the Pikachu Edition, you could only walk Pikachu. In the Diamond and Pearl Series, you were only able to do so in a limited area, and you could free any pokemon you want in the Heart Gold Soul Silver.


This unique feature is back again! In the UltraSun and UltraMoon, you will be able to walk your pokemon again! Although this is not confirmed yet, but from the picture below we can assume that you will be able to let your Pokemon walk with you.


New moves available with the new Z Ring!


According to the latest information, there is a new Z ring called ‘ Z Power Ring’ which will be available in the latest series. Despite of the new name and new design, it seems that there is not many big difference between the original Z rings. It is said that ‘Z Power Rings can use more Z crystal than the Z ring’, but it is predicted that only more moves would be available in the Z Power Rings.

Now, I think you will have an idea on how the latest version of Pokemon will look like. As more and more information came out, you can feel that the poekmon is evolving again with new features and new changes. If you want to look for updated information about Pokemon Ultrasun and Ultramoon, check our pages regularly in order to keep yourself updated!


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