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Some tips how to build good relationship with Japanese

By Guidable Writers Mar 26, 2017

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I want you to enjoy Japan and I want you to experience true Japanese life. But it is a bit too hard to enjoy this no-English country. So this time I want to show the tips how to understand and to make good relationship with Japanese for to make nice friends and partner.


The character of Japanese culture

Japanese people is normally really shy and never willing to attract attention in public. I want you to look around when you get on the train, in most of the cases, it is really quiet on the train even there are many people. But once you talk to them after they recognize you are normal human being they will trust you and will open their mind. If you get close to Japanese, you will be amazed at their friendliness. When I was in the Japanese university, there were some foreigners, but I have never talked to them even I was interested in foreign countries. So please do not hesitate to talk to us.


Japanese people are scrupulous as you saw people making queue everywhere.

They normally make schedule several weeks before the date. Where and how to go what time to meet up what time to go back. It is because they are living with scrupulous people, I saw many couples broke up due to his or her careless time management. So please let your friend know at least two weeks before when you want to go out with Japanese.



About language inconvenience. There are not many Japanese who can speak English well, but you can communicate with them with lesser effort than to study Japanese. Japanese people who donʼt speak English not because they donʼt know any English. They are just shy to be heard their bad pronunciation. There is a kind of key to knowing Japanglish. Hiragana and Katakana are the bases of their pronunciation so to understand those letters are the efficient shortcut to be the Japanglish speaker. But donʼt worry I donʼt let you study Hiragana and Katakana now. Thereʼs Katakana-like alphabet rules called Romaji. Roma-ji means roman characters because alphabet invented in Rome. Roma-ji rule is transferred from Japanese Katakana pronunciation. It is not hard to learn, so it will help you a lot to learn Japanglish. After that, you will find that no sound pronounced without the vowel in Japan. Please employ Roma-ji for your first step of Japanese life. This is some of the tips I have about Japanese. To understand their culture is the easy way to get used to the first place.