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The Different Ways to Enjoy Cherry Blossom Season

By Guidable Writers Mar 23, 2017

Spring is nearly there…I hope so!

It will be a season for a cherry blossom viewing (called Hanami in Japanese).

Cherry blossoms seem to be loved by many Japanese people, maybe because of its beauty and the short period of blooming which makes people feel nostalgic and longing for warmer spring from cold winter. Or maybe we may simply enjoy the party time under these trees. It is nice to do an ordinary Hanami that sitting and eating under the tree, here are alternatives which you can do for this year.

Viewing Sakura From a Boat

You can have an amazing view of cherry blossom from the boat. It is distinct scenery from usual angles. You might be able to cross the floating petal river. This option might be possible depend on where you live and it offers you from a cruising to a rowing boat. A rowing boat is available in the places such as Chidorigafuchi Park near to Imperial Palace and Cruising would be along the Sumida River in Tokyo, for the instant. Some tour companies also organize a day trip or packed tour with special lunch/dinner on the cruise.

Camping Under the Cherry Blossoms

In my childhood, camping is for summer activity, but lately, it is not the case. Some camping site is already opened earlier than May for those who are in love with camping. So, if you like to be in nature and/or do prefer to avoid the congestion and crowded, this would be an option. The advantage of this would be more private and not necessary to complete getting a spot in advance. You can enjoy the different aspect of cherry blossoms in a day and a night. It could be ideal for a family as well.

Enjoying a Specially Prepared Lunch Box

It is nice to bring your own food and drink for a cherry blossom viewing, but it would be considerable if you want to have a change for a while. You can get a specially prepared lunch box by professional chefs. Seasonable vegetables could be presented in the box normally and make your eyes amused.

Whatever the option you take, if you do it in the evening and at night, it gets usually still cold. Make sure you take enough warm clothes and item to keep you warm.

Murakami, Japan

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