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5 Best Fish in Season! Autumn Fish in Japan to Savour

By Aika Kaise Nov 5, 2021

Do you know what fish are in season this autumn in Japan? People love to eat fish in Japan, and they are generally very good for your health. Fish contains a lot of DHA and EPA, essential nutrients to stay healthy. It has also been said that DHA makes you smarter, so people in Japan often recommend children to eat fish.

Autumnal Fish in Japan You Must Try!

It is traditional to eat fish in Japan; it is said that people in Japan started to eat fish more than 10,000 years ago. And until recently, consumption of fish was higher than meat. There are many kinds of fish eaten in Japan, and this article introduces 5 fish in season this autumn in Japan.

1. Sweetfish

autumn fish in japan, sweetfish

These fish live in rivers and are eaten from June to December. If you try it in autumn, you can enjoy the popping texture of its eggs – that is, if you can find one with eggs. It is less oily compared to fish caught in summer,

The most common way to eat it is grilled with salt. This way of eating it is quite tasty. Sweetfish contain a large amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin B12, and it is said that you are able to get the necessary amount of Vitamin B12 needed for one day by eating just one sweetfish.

2. Bonito

autumn fish in japan bonito

This fish is in season twice a year, in the spring and in the autumn season in Japan. Compared to spring, Bonito caught in autumn is much more oily and tasty, as the fish eat a lot during the summer, allowing it to grow and be larger by the the time autumn comes around. Bonito not only contains a lot of DHA and EPA, but it is very low in calories!

3. Tuna

autumn fish in japan, tuna

Tuna is very tasty in the autumn season because of the abundant fat stored in preparation for winter.  It is mainly eaten raw, and it is one of the most popular fish for sushi in Japan. It is said that the amount of consumption of tuna in Japan is 30 percent of the worldwide consumption. We sure love tuna in Japan!

There is a very long history of tuna eating in Japan, and according to history, people in Japan started to eat it about 5,000 years ago. You can try it in just about every sushi restaurant in Japan.

4. Pacific Saury

autumn fish in japan, pacific saury

Pacific Saury, Sanma in Japanese, is the most popular fish eaten in autumn in Japan, and most people enjoy eating it seasonally. The most common way of preparing it is grilled with a little salt.

It contains an abundant amount of nutrients, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, calcium, and iron, as well as DHA and EPA. It is generally eaten with grated radish, a great source of Vitamin C!

5. Flatfish

autumn fish in japan, flatfish

There are many kinds of flatfish, and a few of them are in season in autumn. Flatfish contains little fat and it is a great source of protein. Therefore, it is very healthy and excellent for people who want to slim down. There are different ways to enjoy it, but I recommend you try boiling it with soy sauce and sugar.

What’s Your Favourite Autumnal Japanese Fish?

In conclusion, fish contains a huge amount of nutrients and is very good for your health. People in Japan have been eating fish for centuries, and there are many varieties you can enjoy.

These are five of the most popular types of fish eaten in Japan during autumn. As stated, they contain DHA and EPA,  nutrients that are believed to help make us smarter. Having fish is also healthy and is low in calories but high in nutrients.

If you are in Japan in the autumn, make sure to try these types of fish!

Aika Kaise / Japan


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