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Japanese Foods You Might Not Have Tried Before But You Should

Japanese Foods You Might Not Have Tried Before But You Should

By Guidable Writers Sep 4, 2016

Japanese Foods You Might Not Have Tried Before But You Should!

Japan is full of many wondrous and wild things. One of which is the kind of cuisine exclusive only here in Japan. In this post, I will talk about some Japanese foods which some foreigners may find strange or bizarre but are definitely worth a try. Majority of the Japanese have fondness to it therefore you may see those food in a typical Japanese home. You should know and prepare to try and experience those weird but oddly delicious Japanese delicacies.

Raw eggs (生卵)

Japanese like raw foods like Sushi and Maki very much. We eat raw fishes, raw meats, and raw eggs. Many foreigners feel weird about it, but its normal for all of us. We do not drink it like Rocky though. But we usually eat it with rice and that’s why we call it “Tamagokake Gohan”. 

We put the raw egg over the rice and mix it. After that we put the soy sauce on it as much as we want. It is very easy to make! Other one is “Tamago kake Gohan”, we eat raw egg with “Sukiyaki “. We dip Sukiyaki on raw eggs before eating it. 

Natto (納豆)

Natto is one of weirdest food in Japan for foreigners. Natto is a delicacy made of fermented soybeans. It is very sticky and has an acquired after taste. We put the soy sauce and Karashi (mustard) on it, and mix it to make it sticky. We usually eat it with rice.  Many Japanese don’t like it as well so you don’t have to be guilty about it.  

Because of the taste and the stickiness, many people feel like it’s funny to it, but Natto is very good for one’s health. If you’ve never eaten it before, you should try it!

Umeboshi (梅干し)

With its name, it sounds like more of an anime character than food. Umeboshi is made of plum. We put the plum on Siso (it is like a Japanese basil). Siso tastes very sour therefore Umeboshi has a deep sour taste and looks very red. 

We eat it with many accompanying foods. The most popular way of eating it is with Onigiri (japanese rice ball) . It tastes sour and salty but it also very good for your health too. 


Octopus (タコ Tako)

Because of it’s appearance, many people feel are actually scared to eat a live Octopus, but it tastes really very authentic. We eat it with sushi (raw Octopus) or Takoyaki. Takoyaki means “Octopus dumplings (octopus ball)” in English. It looks like a small ball, and it has a piece of octopus in it. We eat it with oyster sause, Katsuo Bushi (dried bonito), and Mayonnaise on top. Octopus has little friendly appeal, but it tastes very delicious I guarantee you. Takoyaki is one of the most popular food in Osaka. You should try it when you happen to pass by the Osaka area.