5 Weird Japanese Food That May Shock You

Aug 3, 2017

There are variety of food that Japan could offer to anyone. The well known sushi, sashimi, tempura, ramen, are just a few a of the dishes that everyone must try. If you plan to visit Japan, or already been here and have not yet tried these food, you better hurry up and try. But wait, there’s more. Did you know that there are some weird foods that are offered here in Japan too? Get ready because we will give you these must try weird foods that may shock you.




This is a traditional Japanese food that are made of fermented soybeans. Often served for breakfast with soy sauce, mustard sauce, and onion.

Long ago, during 1086 AD, while the soldiers were boiling soybeans to serve for their horses, they were attacked by their opponent. They hurriedly packed up the boiling beans and forgot to open the bags that contains the soybeans. The beans become fermented, and the soldier were able to eat it anyway and liked the taste. Nowadays, Natto can be be purchased from any place in Japan, or in any convenience store that are found here. Try this, and you’ll be surprised about the taste.



This is served as a side dish. Tororo is made up of Nagaimo (yam) obtained from a root crop. To make a tororo, the yam must be grated to have the slimy texture, and can be served with soup or noodles. This can also be served as a topping on a rice. This has health benefits like fibers, minerals and antioxidants that are good for our body. This food is popularly served during summer. Don’t worry if you cannot make some for your table, Tororo can be purchased in any supermarket or convenience store here in Japan.


Square Watermelon


This is very popular here in Japan. This was invented intentionally to be able to transport easily, and also for space-saving purposes when it is stored in a refrigerator. However, the invention and popularity of this squared-fruit have made it become pricey. It is sold thrice the price of a normal shaped watermelon. This is a must try. You should grab one when you visit Japan.


Meat Flavored Ice Cream

Japan is also known as an Ice Cream paradise, especially during summer. And speaking of summer, I’m sure you think of some refreshing food or snack to beat the heat. Here in Japan, there are variety of refreshing snacks that can just be purchased from any convenience stores. Have you tried Meat Flavored Ice Cream? Well, this is your chance now to grab one. Squid, horse meat, chicken wing, beer and snake, caviar, hotate, octopus flavored ice cream awaits you to try. With these variety of flavors, you can enjoy the ice cream of your choice.



Or a ball-shaped food snack that are made of octopus meat can also be enjoyed here in Japan. Tako means, diced or minced meat of an octopus, while Yaki was derived from Yaku which means to fry and grill. This snack is made up of wheat flour-based batter added with minced octopus meat, and vegetables cooked in a special moulder to shape like a ball. A must try snack. Hurry up and grab one. This can also be purchased from any convenience stores here in Japan.  


Regardless how weird these foods are, they are still food and edible. Japan is a place where variety of food are being served. Don’t hesitate to try these food because they are prepared by a professional and well experienced chefs that are found here. Come on and explore Japan. Enjoy your stay!


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