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7 Recommended Convenience Store Halloween Sweets

By Guidable Writers Oct 25, 2017

Trick or treat! Are you looking forward to yelling it out? But unfortunately, this custom, which kids go around neighbours to get some sweets, is not common in Japan. Instead of saying “trick or treat”, why don’t you enjoy limited sweets which we can get only in Halloween with your friends or co-workers? I would like to introduce some Halloween sweets you can get from convenience stores that outperform those from pastries!

1. Seven Eleven (セブンイレブン)

There are some attractive sweets in Seven Eleven. They can surprise you with some unique Halloween sweets too!

1-1 Black Cat Chocolate Cake (黒猫チョコケーキ)


https://tblg.k-img.com/images/restaurant/tieup/sevensweets/sweets_img_07.jpg )

This is a limited Halloween cake sold from Seven Eleven, black cat chocolate cake (黒猫チョコケーキ). It will be sold only for 5 days from 27th till 31st of October. This cute black cat appearances can boost up Halloween mood if you bring them to a party. It contains chocolate cream, vanilla cream, and chocolate cookies inside. It might sound very sweet for some of you, but this sweetness can also be one of the charm points of this cake.

 1-2 Japanese Style Parfait With Pumpkins and Sweet Potatoes (かぼちゃとお芋の和パフェ)

(image: 食べログ×セブンイレブン

https://tblg.k-img.com/images/restaurant/tieup/sevensweets/sweets_img_05.jpg  )

If you enjoy a Japanese sweet in Halloween, you can try this a Japanese style parfait with pumpkins and sweet potatoes (かぼちゃとお芋の和パフェ). This parfait uses autumn featured vegetables like pumpkins and sweet potatoes. They contain mousse and cream made of pumpkins and sweet potato cream with caramel jellies.

2. MINISTOP (ミニストップ)

MINISTOP has launched a lot of popular sweets throughout this year. There are many fans who are looking forward to their sweets in Japan.

2-1 Mousse Cakes in a Hello Kitty Cup

(image: 2017秋のコンビニハロウィンスイーツ!インスタ映えする23品, ALL ABOUT https://allabout.co.jp/matome/cl000000020428/)

These mousse cakes in a Hello Kitty containers, which was very popular in the last year, are sold in this year too from 10th of October. If you buy this cake, you can also get a cute mag cup with you. However, the reason why these cakes can fascinate people is not only this cup. You can feel autumn with the tasty pumpkin cream they use.

2-2 YUKIGESHO Pumpkin Pudding (雪化粧かぼちゃプリン)

(image: MINISTOP official HP


Pumpkin pudding is sweets made of pumpkins which you come up with firstly. MINISTOP sells a pumpkin puddings with using YUKIGESHO pumpkin which tastes sweet. This pudding can treat you with its smoothness and sweetness once you taste it.

2-3 Halloween Monster (ハロウィーンモンスター)

(image: MINISTOP official HP

https://www.ministop.co.jp/syohin/dessert/halloween/images/idx_im004_sp.png )

This cute cake named Halloween Monster is made of purple sweet potato. The purple colour of a cake has an element of monsters appearing in Halloween. A cake contains a chocolate mousse, strawberries and cheese cream and purple sweet potato cream makes this unique colour. A face of this cake is created with a cream and chocolate.

3. LAWSON (ローソン)

LAWSON is one of the convenience stores which people could be enthusiastic about their original sweets. It also has launched some Halloween limited sweets for this year.

3-1 Premium Pumpkin and Purple Sweet Potato Rolled Cake

(Image: ローソン研究所


A premium rolled cake is LAWSON’s original rolled cake, which represents a convenience store’s sweets in Japan. As Halloween sweets, a premium rolled cake turned to be a black colour and pumpkin and purple sweet potato cream filling inside. The colour of this rolled cake must make atmosphere more Halloween if you bring it to a Halloween party. Of course, LAWSON is proud of the quality of taste. The taste of cream is not too sweet to finish it easily.

3-2 Rich Taste Pudding Made of AJIHEI Pumpkin Made From Ishikawa Prefecture

(Image: ローソン研究所


This pumpkin pudding with a cute Jack-o-lantern face, is one of the sweets from Halloween limited sweets in LAWSON. The taste of pumpkin is so rich that you can feel a real taste of pumpkin. It is perfect for to taking pictures for SNS because of its face and a bright colour of Halloween.



Enjoy bringing these sweets to your fellows for a Halloween party!