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Where to experience the ‘Most Horrible’ Halloween in Japan? USJ!

By Guidable Writers Oct 19, 2017

What is the event, which everyone is waiting for in October? Halloween! Of course! Halloween has been getting popular in Japan recent years, you can see huge events going on all over the country. One of the famous events happens in Universal Studio Japan (USJ) located in Osaka called “Halloween Horror Night.”, which I would like to introduce you what it is about in this article.


1. What is Halloween Horror Night and Street Zombies in USJ?

(Image: Universal Studio Japan HP http://www.usj.co.jp/halloween2017/zombies/)

USJ is one of the theme parks which has entertained Japanese people for a long time. You can experience famous movie scenes inside the theme park through their attractions, parades, and shows. Especially movie lovers can enjoy the dream-like atmosphere which has been created by the theme park, but there are a lot of elements you can enjoy even if you are not a movie fan. In the Halloween season, USJ has their original event called Halloween Horror Night, which is inspired by horror movies, Street Zombies is one of the main events. At the event “Street Zombies”, there will be thousands of zombies appearing in the street of the park, more than 20 kinds of zombies will surround you. Each character has a story behind, for example, fat family zombies, little girl zombie, or clown zombies. Among those zombies, there is a rare zombie which appear only when it rains. It might be also enjoyable to look for zombies which you want to meet and take photos.


‘Street Zombies’ event is held every day from 9th September till 5th November, zombies appear in the park from 6:00 pm until closing time.


At the Halloween Horror Night, the zombies will not be the only reason worth visiting the park, there is more fun stuff you can enjoy.



  • Deadman’s Forest

(Image: Universal Studio Japan HP http://www.usj.co.jp/halloween2017/special_gya/)

Inside the forest of the park, there are a lot of creepy zombies. The forest is created as a new area for the street zombies. You will go inside of the scary forest and choose a direction to escape from zombies chasing you. This event opens from 10:00 am to the closing time.


  • Cult of Chucky — Chucky’s Hospital Ward of Madness

This is inspired by a movie featured in stories happened in a hospital, Cult of Chucky as its theme. You go through the inside of the hospital setting and will see what terrifying thing Chucky did in the movie. You can enjoy this event from 12:00 till the closing time of a park and it is required to get a numbered ticket for entry.


  • A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Maze 3

In this attraction, you will be chased by the killer, Freddy Krueger. He is a crucial killer who comes to someone’s dream and commits a murder. Through this attraction, you will be required to help a girl who is going to become a victim of him. You will get thrilled from the mission of rescue her and escape from the killer! This attraction also opens from 12:00 till the closing time of a park and it is required to get a numbered ticket for entry.


  • The Exorcist The Devil’s Manor

You will be the witness of a girl who is transformed into a monster by the demonic possession. You will see a terrible moment of the girl turning into an evil figure. It might be very shocking. Do not look away from the horrible! This also requires a ticket, so do not forget to get one before 12:00.


  • Trauma 3

This attraction will definitely mark your most horrifying experience of Halloween. You walk into a dark facility showing human experiment inside and observe what happens. Wherever you go, uncanny creatures will chase you and you will not be able to escape from the terror. Trauma 3 has set level 10 as a horror level, thus offered with an age limit, you will also be required to sign the agreement before entering and an extra fee will be charged.


2.Special horror cinemas

USJ is a theme park of famous movie worlds. Therefore, you can also watch some special editions of movies in the park.


2-1 Sadako×Terminator 2: 3-D® [Sadako: The Cursed Attraction]

If you are a Japanese horror movie lover, you must have watched Sadako in a movie. That is one of the famous characters of Japanese horror movie. Sadako is a female ghost with long and black hair and tries to come to you by breaking through a screen. Do not miss this special edition of Sadako!


2-2 Gakkō no Kaidan (Haunted School) × Cinema 4-D Theater [Gakkō no Kaidan (Haunted School): The Cursed Attraction]

Gakkō no Kaidan (Haunted School) has gathered a strange phenomenon happened after school. You will see some bizarre stories filed with a fear.


Enjoy your special Halloween experience through Halloween Horror Night in USJ!!