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Where to Grab the Best Donuts in Tokyo

By Margherita Jul 21, 2022

Let’s talk about a very controversial topic that ends friendships and goes beyond cultural boundaries: where to find good decent-sized fluffy donuts in Tokyo.

Ring donuts, filled donuts, mochi donuts, yeast donuts, cake donuts, there is so much variety that it’s easy to get lost in all the different flavors and textures.

But we are here to help! Let’s discover where to find the best donuts in Tokyo to curb your sugar craving. 

Satisfy Your Donut Craving in Tokyo!

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Good Town Doughnuts

good town doughnuts, a popular donut shop in tokyo

Photo credits: Good Town Doughnuts on Instagram

Good Town Doughnuts is an American-themed coffee shop known for its great selection of donuts including, mango, Nutella, maple bacon, and an extensive choice–at least for Japan–of vegan doughnuts such as Sicilian lemon poppy seed, ginger apple cider, and hibiscus. Eat inside or grab some donuts to eat in the nearby Yoyogi Park.

Floresta Koenji

Floresta is a tiny donut shop on the northern side of Koenji station, that makes signature cake donuts. Organic and vegan donuts are also available within its broad selection. They might not be your staple American-style fluffy donuts, but the selection of colorful donuts with cute animal designs is picture-perfect.

Captain’s Donuts

Captain’s Donuts in Shimokitaza is another shop that serves fried and baked cake donuts made using tofu and okara (soy pulp). The flavors are simple and straightforward: plain, matcha, chocolate, walnut, and black tea.

Try the popular combination set which consists of one donut and the shop’s original vanilla flavor soy ice cream—a match made in heaven!

Pretty Good Coffee & Donut

a photo of a tray of donuts from pretyy good donuts & co

Photo credits: Pretty Good Coffee & Donut on Instagram

Pretty Good Coffee & Donut is located in Taito Ward, on the eastern side of the capital, a short walking distance from Kuramae and Asakusabashi stations.

Grab a funky glazed lemon, or the more classic orange marmalade and strawberry donut and take a stroll along the Sumida River.

If you want to eat in, you can also compose your own plate by adding a side of whipped cream and fruit, egg and bacon, chips, or different toppings to your donut of choice.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus, near Nagatacho station on the eastern side of Tokyo, is a fully-fledged donuts laboratory. The donuts are either baked or steamed, so they are cakier, less airy and fluffy, and beautifully presented in a clean and polished glass showcase. Flavors include rum currant, fresh and fruity lime, and grapefruit.

I’m donut ?

Recently opened in March 2022, I’m donut ? in Nakameguro has gotten much love in the first few months since its opening, with people lining up for hours to grab one of their huge and generously filled donuts.

Lemon, custard, and pistachio donuts are filled to perfection, fluffy, and covered in powdered sugar. If you are craving something savory, the signature prosciutto donut is definitely worth the wait.

Higuma Doughnuts

donuts in tokyo higuma_doughnuts instagram

Photo credits: Higuma Doughnuts on Instagram

Higuma Doughnuts is a friendly neighborhood donut shop around Gakugei Daigaku station.

What is special about Higuma Doughnuts is that the ingredients (flour, milk, butter, and sugar) are all carefully selected from Hokkaido, a region with quality dairy products, that the shop has decided to support from Tokyo by using them in their donuts.

Flavors include classic-inspired old-fashioned, chocolate dipping, and cinnamon sugar. Seasonal donuts are also available: the current seasonal flavor is limoncello.

Ikkyu Donatsu

Tokyo’s Western suburb is best known as the “Ramen hood” but Ikkyu Donatsu, a small donut shop in the square in front of Ogikubo station is definitely worth a stop. The donuts here are made using soy, fresh soy milk, and soy pulp and are deep-fried. Ikku Donatsu serves only one type of donut—plain and simple. Pair with a glass of fresh soy milk and enjoy the sweetened soy flavor in its best form.

Harrits Donuts and Coffee

Located in the hipster neighborhood of Yoyogi Uehara, Harrits is a coffee and donut shop with a vintage vibe. 

Simple and fluffy, the Japanese style (without glaze) donuts at Harris bring you back to simpler and more classic flavors such as apple cinnamon, earl grey, and kinako (roasted soybeans).

The shop is small but there are a couple of tables where you can sit and enjoy every bite of your favorite sweet treat.

Dumbo Doughnuts and Coffee

A picture of Christmas doughnuts at DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee

Photo credits: Dumbo Doughnuts and Coffee on Instagram

Look no further than Dumbo Doughnuts in Azabujuban for your NYC-style donut fix: crispy on the outside and airy and fluffy on the inside, with a perfectly smooth glaze, and not overpoweringly sweet. The shop serves more than 10 different flavors of donuts every day. Worth a special mention are salted chocolate caramel, toasted coconut, and matcha cream cheese donuts.

Get Donut Tasting!

good town doughnuts, a popular donut shop in tokyo

Photo credits: Good Town Doughnuts on Instagram, all vegan on the left and all regular doughnuts on the right

Are you ready to take a bite (or two)? Save this selection of where to find the best donuts in Tokyo, just in case. You never know when the donut craving will hit!

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