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Easing Mask-Wearing Guidelines for Japan From March 13th

By Guidable Writers Mar 10, 2023

As mentioned in The Japan News, the government has decided to ease the mask-wearing guidelines on March 13. This article will give you an overview of the current situation. 

The Japan Times reported on February 10 2023 that the Japanese government had announced plans to gradually ease the current mask guidelines. The government will start by loosening the policies in areas of the country with low infection rates while continuing to require masks in areas where infection rates remain high. The government will also consider further easing the guidelines in areas with low infection rates if the situation continues to improve.

Easing Mask Guidelines in Following Situations

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Source: Ministry of Wealth, Labour and Welfare of Japan

Some updates regarding the easing of the mask guidelines are the following:

  1. While commuting with public transport, bullet trains, planes and long-distance busses, passengers are no longer required to wear a face mask.

  2. Students and teachers will no longer be asked to wear masks in school and the March ceremonies but can continue if they wish. 

Positive Outlooks for Easing The Mask Rules

Many perks for the Japanese public come with easing the mask rules. People can socialise in public without worrying about wearing a mask.  Activities such as dining out, shopping and attending events will get more enjoyable. In addition, lifting the mask mandate will make it easier for people to interact with each other. People can engage in conversation more freely and easily without worrying about their masks getting in the way. This will help to foster better social connections and help to create a sense of community. Finally, easing the mask mandate will make it easier for people to express themselves. Without a mask, people can show their emotions and feelings more easily through facial expressions. 

Things to Keep in Mind Regarding Mask-Easing Rules

While lifting the mask mandate is an essential step in the right direction, it is important to remember to take necessary precautions to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19. This means washing our hands regularly and wearing masks in certain situations, such as visiting hospitals or interacting with the elderly. But we hope you can enjoy a maskless time in Japan! For the latest official updates, check out the official website of the Ministry of Wealth, Labour and Welfare of Japan

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