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Tips to Relieve Stiff Shoulders

By Guidable Writers Sep 16, 2016

Do You Have Stiff Shoulders?

Do you think you have stiff shoulders? It is often said that it is symptoms peculiar to the Japanese, and non-Japanese hardly understand how they feel when they have it. Stiff shoulders are also said it gets easily if you do desk work or are using PC for long time because you will keep the same posture while you are doing them. Japanese say that they feel shoulder ache, their shoulder muscle is become solid or heavy. Because bunch of people are suffering from them, there are several ways to relieve stiff shoulders.



By Medicine    

The easiest way could be relief by medicine. Even though there are several kinds of medicine like skin patch, lotion, and ointment, the lotion below has been sold since 1966 and becomes one of the best known medicine for stiff shoulders. Its feature is the shape of the bottle; to make easy to put on your shoulders and back. When you use it, you feel coolness then warm one after another, and that is why the stiff shoulders will be relieved. Available at drug stores and CVS.


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At Relaxation Salon

Because some medicine has characteristic smell, people often think it makes them feels so old and they dislike using it. However, there are also bunch of relaxation salons nationwide and lots of people frequent there to get some massage. Some salons also offer Thai, Taiwanese, or Hawaiian style massage, and you can choose as you like. Therefore, some stretching studios’ exercise is said that it is also effective for stiff shoulders, backache, bad circulation, etc. However, there are some salons for women only and you should check before you reserve.



Get a Massage by Yourself

You can also get a massage by yourself. The most common way is by your hands, however, there are some tools to relieve stiff shoulders. Moreover, unexpected stuff is also good to reduce stiff shoulders. The one of them is tennis balls. No longer used one is fine. Or if you don’t play tennis, you can get balls even at 100 yen shops. The way is so easy; wrap 2 tennis balls by larger handkerchief, and lie on them then put them to your shoulders. You might feel pain at first, but it will be gradually relieved. Also you can use super balls to massage your shoulders. Use one ball and massage your shoulder like rolling it. It might be good that you always keep a super ball in your desk for quick relief from stiff shoulders.