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100 yen Shop Helps You Get the Most out of Halloween

By Guidable Writers Oct 30, 2017

Did you already decide which costume you will wear for Halloween this year? If you want to enjoy Halloween event as much as you can, the disguising costume is must-do for Halloween. There are certain places or stores, where you can get special costumes from, but did you know all you need for Halloween can be prepared with products from 100 yen shop? Let’s check out what Halloween products you can get from 100 yen shop.


1.Halloween witch hat



If you do not know what to prepare for the Halloween, you can simply go to one of the 100 yen shops and get one witch hat.  A black simple hat might come to your mind if you think about the witch hat, but in 100 yen shop, there are many kinds of witch hat with many Halloween decorations like Jack-o-lantern. You can choose your favorite one from a wide range of hats like the see-through look.





If the witch is not your cup of tea, you can choose a headband that contains Halloween motif,  headbands with devil horn or wings reminding a devil are available for sure! If you are looking for something adorable, headbands with a small hat, ribbon, veil, or ear of cats can also be found.



3.Dress or apron



In 100 yen shop, you can also get some pieces with which you can get changed into a movie/anime/ manga character. There are some dresses with some horror motifs like a pattern of a spider’s web. If you get more items to decorate yourself with a hat or headband, you will immerse yourself with the Halloween mood more.

Not only dresses with some Halloween decoration are choices you can get from 100 yen shops. In there, you will find clothes for cosplay as nurse, maid or police. But you have to be aware that most of these clothes for cosplay are not sold by 100 yen, usually, it costs around 1000 yen, so look the price tag closely!




If you seek a high quality of disguise, you need some ‘properties’ which are proper to your cosplay. If you decide to become a policeman, you would need a pair of handcuff. You might need an injector or a stethoscope if you want to do a cosplay of doctor or a nurse. If you get some props like sickle or scythe made of plastic, it makes your disguise more real-looking,  you can get them in 100 yen shops too.




In 100 yen shop, you can purchase all kinds of beauty cosmetics. Lipsticks, foundation creams, mascara, eyeshadow and etc. All you need for your makeup can be prepared with 100 yen shop cosmetics.  Make-up tools for Halloween is not an exception. There are eyelash extensions which are popular for Halloween party. Eyelash extensions are provided in a lot of types especially in Halloween season in Japan. Eyelash extensions designed colourful can add more colour of your disguise if it is too dark, those designed with some patterns will make your face more flashy.



6.Body paint

If you want to try some horrifying zombie-like makeup, you will need to use something makes you look gross and horror. In 100 yen shops, you can get body paints in cream, with which you can color your skin. They also have a spray type of body paint that can produce a splash of bleeding, which brings more effect to your costume. There are also a paint for clothes, so you can get your cosplay costumes in 100 yen shop and some decoration to make your cosplay more terrifying.






You might need to get a wig depends on the character you choose for cosplay and disguise. Wigs can be found in 100 yen shop too. Hence, you can make a total coordination with 100 yen shop. But as mentioned above, you have to check the price of the wig as they are usually sold for 500 yen.



8.Neon sticks or accessory

When you have a Halloween party at night, neon sticks or accessory can make you stand out of the crowd and give a stronger visual impact. If you want to disguise like a witch, it might support the atmosphere if you bring a flashy neon stick.



Prepare for Halloween with all products from 100 yen shop and enjoy your Halloween!