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3 Must-Buy of MUJI

By Guidable Writers Mar 29, 2017

Do You Like MUJI?

Mujirushi Ryohin store, also known for MUJI outside of Japan, is a big general shop chain throughout Japan and worldwide. It sells so many variations of food, clothing, and shelter and there are lots of fans who love its simple and functional design. Because it’s the season for leaving hometown to go on to a university or start working, MUJI promotes several kinds of stuff for people’s the new life. These are 3 picks you must buy at MUJI.


Must-Buy ① Stationery

The 1st pick must be stationery. MUJI’s stationery is known for its neat design and varieties of refills for writing materials. For example, the highlighter pen has clear penholder, and you can know the amount of ink remaining. Therefore, every ballpoint pen has each refill, and you can use it for a long time. Not only writing materials, there are also several office needs, and you can buy seal case with ink pad like below. Of course, it has the clear color like that brand.


Must-Buy ② Retort Food

MUJI also has several kinds of retort food from Japanese to Thai, Italian, etc. If you don’t have enough time for cooking because of working late into the night, sick, etc. or can’t go grocery shopping, it would be a strong supporter for you. You can choose from typical retort food like curry or pasta sauce to seasoning mix for mixed rice like paella, bibimbap, Japanese chicken rice, etc. It is said that its butter chicken curry has been the most popular retort food for years, and butter chicken curry mix and instant ramen are also available. If you can’t find MUJI store near you, you can also get them at Family Mart, Circle K, and Sunkus.


Must-Buy ③ Furniture

Furniture is MUJI’s one of signature. Especially in this season, it recommends its minimal and reasonable furniture for people who are moving and starting the new life. Therefore, it has a sale this time each year, and you can get its bed, desk, chair, etc. cheaper. It also sells an electric appliance, and there are some people who choose their all stuff at MUJI. If you get its electric appliance at both its store and online store, it will be under guarantee for 1 year at the date of purchase. You can check it all products on its official site or catalog which distributes at the store, and had better to see before you go there. Why don’t you get your new stuff for a new life at MUJI?