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4 Tips on what clothes to prepare when coming to Japan

By Guidable Writers May 6, 2017

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You are going to move to Japan and are packing

clothes. The problem is, these take up a big amount of space in the suitcase or the cartons. How can we reduce package stuff? Now I would like to give some advices about clothes from my experiences.




If you are a man smaller than 180 cm or a woman smaller than 170cm, don´t worry about clothes. You can find your clothes in retail shops, second hand shops or flea markets on weekend, so that it doesn´t cost you so much to get new clothes in Japan.

In big cities, even you will find some shops, where you can get clothes for big size, but in small towns or village there is little such chance.

In summer, the laundry dries quickly.

And you need only short sleeves, so it doesn´t matter, if  sleeves are a bit short or not. In winter, for example sweater, should be long enough to keep you warm. I recommend, if you are tall and have long arms, you should pack your own sweater.




2, pants

Also people under 180 cm by male and under 170cm by female don´t need to take many pants, but several pants for the first some weeks to survive are recommended. If your legs are very long, you should take your own pants with you. It will be difficult to find new ones and even if you can find them, it will be expensive. Besides that your choice might be very limited.



3, bra

Japanese women are generally slim, so you should pack your own  bra. You could find bras for big sizes in lingerie shops in Japan, but they will be very expensive and you won´t have many choices.


4, shoes

In general, Japanese feet are flat and wide, so it is difficult to find new shoes that fit you. In Japan, you will see foreign company shoes like Adidas and Nike. They are very fashionable, therefore popular, but they are mainly made for typical japanese foots. Sizes bigger than 25,5cm by female, more than 27cm by male could be difficult to find.



Sending parcel from your country by post costs money and it takes time, or could be lost. Instead of post fee for clothes, you can put your other important things. Further you have an opportunity in which you go to shopping and get knowing the town.  Enjoy looking around japanese fashion shops!