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Top 7 Amusement Parks in Tokyo

By Ferinmi May 24, 2019

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Japan is a city where people are always looking forward to coming back and visiting every year or whenever they can due to various reasons such as attractive cultures, fancy technologies, nice weather, kind people or breathtaking activities that have helped them gain new experiences in Japan.

Tokyo where is one of the most popular cities in the world; it has many tourist attractions or sight-seeing areas. If you visit Japan during the different season of the year, you will be able to see the different activities or festivals that take place in the different seasons here in Japan. Likewise, some products in Japan also has limited time offer such as snacks or special beverages. One of them I would recommend when you visit Japan is the amusement parks.

Visiting the best Amusement Parks in Tokyo

There are a lot of amusement parks or theme parks in Japan. Most people may know only the modern amusement parks in Japan. Allow me to introduce you to them! There are a lot of fun amusement parks where can be wonderful entertainment for visitors and foreign traveller. You will be enjoying not only with the heart-pumping rides, entertaining performances, delicious foods, and drinks but also a bunch of lovable characters from the amusement parks with their cute souvenirs as well. There are amusement parks where you can just visit for a short period of time or other amusement parks where you can stay and play as much as you would like and have fun for the whole day.

Each amusement park has its own unique rule and service. You may have to pay for the entrance fee and pay extra to be able to participate in various attractions inside the park in some amusement parks. In addition, some offer the customers a special ticket price such as night tickets. You will be allowed to enter the amusement park at a specific time. This article provides you with some of the top 10 amusement park lists which is a must visit in Tokyo, Japan, and 0ther necessary information about each amusement park. Unlimited fun and enjoyment are waiting for you here!

1. Tokyo Disney Resort


Disney! Disney land is one of the most famous amusement parks in the world. 
Recently, Disney land has 6 amusement parks in the world!

1. Disney Anaheim, California
2. Walt Disney World, Orlando
3. Disney land Paris, France
4. Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea, Japan
5. Hong Kong Disneyland
6. Shanghai Disney Resort, China

One of a Disney fan dream is to visit all of Disney land in the world at least once in their life. I am one of those! However, Disney amusement parks in Japan is more special than other Disney land because there is Tokyo Disney Sea (Only in Japan). Tokyo Disney Sea was the second theme park opening at Tokyo Disney Resort. You will be able to enjoy the whole day when you stay in Tokyo Disney Resort because you will not only enjoy attractions but also activities in Disney amusement park. Besides, Disney’s staffs make sure to entertain every visitor very well. Various Disney character will do a greeting at a specific time and specific place. To plan your visit ahead, check the Disney character’s schedule from their website below before visiting. In addition,  there is a parade that is performed every evening starting from 7.20 PM and this is followed by Disney Light the Night (Disney’s fireworks). Likewise, it is guaranteed that any kinds of stuff or souvenirs which you buy under the brand Disney are adorable, high quality and also expensive.

Tokyo Disney Land

Tokyo Disney land was the very first Disney theme park which was built outside the United States. Disney land was built in the same style as Magic Kingdom in Florida and Disney land in California.
Theme areas in Tokyo Disney land are similar to the original Disneyland in California. It was built based on American Disney films and fantasies.

There are different sections, listed here:

1. World Bazaar
2. Adventureland
3. Tomorrowland
4. Western land (Frontierland)
5. Toon Town
6 . Fantasyland
7. Critter Country


1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba
Access 5 minutes by Maihara Disney Resort Line from Maihara Station

Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney Sea is the second Disney theme park which built at the Tokyo Disney Resort. It has an overall marine-themed vibe, just as the name of the theme park describes.

Theme areas in Tokyo Disney Sea:

1. Mediterranean Harbor
2. Mysterious Island
3. Mermaid Lagoon
4. Arabian Coast
5. Lost River Delta
6. Port Discovery
7. American Waterfront

Address: 1-13 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba
Access 12 minutes by Maihara Disney Resort Line from Maihara Station
Service Hours: Tuesday until Friday 9.00 AM until 10.00 PM Monday and Weekends 8.00 AM until 10.00 PM
Cost: 1-Day Passport start from 4,800 yen for children up to 7,400 yen for adults. However, the price will be reduced if you buy a group passport (a group of 25 or more) or buy 2 Day passport or 3 Day Magic Passport or 4 Day Magic Passport. Besides, Tokyo Disney resort has Tokyo Disney Annual Passport. The price for Tokyo Disney land or Disney sea Annual passport start from 39,000 yen for children up to 61,000 yen for Adult whereas two Park Annual Passport costs 56,000 yen for children and 89,000 yen for adult. 3 years old and under are admitted for free of charge.
Website https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/ Japanese, English Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Indonesia are available.

2. Sanrio Puroland


Sanrio Puroland is an indoor amusement park. The amusement park is operated by the Sanrio Company. If you are a big fan of Hello Kitty and friends. You should not miss out on visiting Sanrio Puroland! and enjoy kawaii adventures. In this amusement parks is loaded with a ton of adorable characteristics such as Hello Kitty, Kurumi, My Melody, Keroppi and so forth. They have a special event every summer of the year which I would recommend anyone to join. You will be able to see fireworks on a daily basis. Likewise, they have a boat ride in which Cinnamon roll is a lead rider with Hello Kitty. You will be able to see various Sanrio characters’ home. The highlight is Hello Kitty’s home where has fancy furniture with her face shape on it and many other things in her own house.

Theme area:

The First floor
Marchen Theater
Entertainment Hall
Fairyland Theater
Discovery Theater
~My Melody & KUROMI~ Mymeroad Drive
Mini Factories and Plants
sweet parlor
Character Food Court
Silhouette Art
Carnival Games
Village shop
Entertainment Hall Shop

The Second floor
Sanrio Character Boat Ride
Strawberry Hall
~Kiki & Lala~ Twinkling tour
Lady Kitty House
Game Center
Lady Kitty House Shop
Kiki & Lala shop

The Third Floor
Leather Art and Marched Koubo
Portrait Corner
Entrance Shop

The Fourth Floor
Restaurant Yakata
Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant
Dream Cafe
My Melody Shop

Click here for guide map in Sanrio Puroland Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean are available.

Address: 1-3 Ochiai, Tama City, Tokyo
Access 5 minutes walk from Tama Center Station

Cost: Weekday Passport  3,300 yen for adult and 2,500 yen for Children

Holiday Passport: 3,800 yen for adult and 2,700 yen for Children.
2 years old and under are admitted for free of charge.

Service Hour: Depends on the date please check the service Hour from their website below
Website https://www.puroland.jp/ Japanese, English Chinese, Korean and Thai are available.


3. Tokyo One Piece Tower


Tokyo One Piece is an indoor theme park of a popular Japanese comic book series called ONE PIECE by Eijiro Oda.

There are several there areas based on the characters of the Straw Hat Crew from ONE PIECE:

1. 360 Log Theatre = The world of One Piece
2. Luffy’s Endless Adventure
3. Zoro’s Soul of Edge
4. Nami’s Casino House
5. Usopp’ Road to Sogeking
6. Chopper’s Thousand Sunny Tours
7. Robin’s Finding Ponegliff
8. Franky’s Ball Run
9 Brook’s Horror House
10. Togari Island Photo Spots
11. Frankie’s Kids space
12. Memorial Wall ~Remember of Marine ford~
13. Cruise History

Address: Tokyo Tower, 4-2-8 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access 5 minutes walk from Akabanebashi Station
7 minutes walk from Kamiyacho Station
6 minutes walk from Onion Station
10 minutes walk from Daimon Train Station
15 minutes walk from Hamamatsucho Station

Cost: The price starts from 1,600 yen for Children (4-12 years old), 2,700 yen from Senior and Junior (13 – 18 years old) and 3,200 yen for an adult (more than 19 years old). You will be allowed to join a live show as well. The tickets which include Tokyo Tower Observation’s price starts from 900 yen for Children up to 2,900 yen for an adult.

Service Hour: 10,00 AM until 10.00 PM. Final Admission is 9.00 PM.
Website https://onepiecetower.tokyo/ English is available.


4. Asakusa Hanayashiki


Asakusa Hanayashiki is an outdoor amusement park. It is run by Hanayashiki Corporation (BANDAI NAMCO Group). It has been opened since 1853 and it is the oldest amusement park in Japan.

There are more than 20 attractions in the amusement park:

Space Shot
Disk ‘O’
Haunted House
Pyong Pyong
Sky Ship
Kiddy Ferris Wheel
Kiddy Taxi
House of Surprise
Thriller Car
Ghost Mansion (Only Japanese is available.)
3-D Theater Stereoscopic Cinema Hall (Only Japanese is available.)
Panda Car
Real Treasure Hunting (Only Japanese is available.)
Japanese Festival corner 300 yen
Game Plaza 100 yen
Photo booths to create the stickers 400 yen
Sky Plaza Free of charge

However, Some attractions have limits on age and height and require that there be attendants. Click here for guide map in Asakusa Hanayashiki Japanese and English are available.

Address: 2-28-1 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo
Access 7 minutes walk from Asakusa Station

Cost: The admission fee costs 500 yen for Children (7-12 years old) and senior (over 65 years old) and 1,000 yen for adult. Free Ride pass does not include the admission fee. It costs 1,800 yen for children (6 years old and under) and senior (over 65 years old), 2,000 yen for junior (7 – 12 years old) and 2,300 yen for adult
Ride Ticket does not include the admission fee. It costs 100 yen per 1 regular ticket and 1,000 yen for coupon book (11 tickets)

Service Hour: Everyday 10.00 AM until 6.00 PM
Website https://www.hanayashiki.net/ Japanese and English are available.


5. Yomiuri Land


Yomiuri Land is an outdoor amusement park. It is claimed to be the largest amusement park in Tokyo with 44 attractions.

There are 6 different area theme park:

1. Bandit Area
2. Family Area
3. Plaza Stage of the Sun
4. Flag Street
5. Lan Lan Area
6. GoodJobal! Area
Click here for guild map in Yomiuri Land.

Address: 4015-1 Yanokuchi, Inagi, Tokyo
Access 16 minutes by bus or 22 minutes by walk from Keio Yomiuri Land Station

Cost: One day pass includes entrance fee, sea lion show and a free pass for attractions. The ticket price starts from 3,800 yen for 3 years old up to elementary school student, 4,300 yen for Junior high school student and High school student, 4,500 yen for senior and 5,400 yen for adult.

Service Hour: Depends on date please check the service hour in the website below before planning to visit Yomiuri Land.
Website http://yomiuriland.com/ Japanese, English Chinese, Korean and Thai are available.

6. Tokyo Dome City Attractions


Tokyo Dome City Attractions is located in the center of Tokyo and it is one of the facilities in Tokyo Dome City. There are attractions for customers.

There are 18 attractions inside the theme park:

Big O
Thunder Dolphin
Haunted House ‘ONRYOU ZASHIKI’
Wonder Drop
The Dive
Venus Lagoon
Water Symphony Free of charge, but you have to check for performance time (11.00 AM, 1.30 PM, 4.00 PM, 6.30 PM, 8.00 PM and 9.30 PM)
Super Viking SORABUNE
Furi Furi Grand Prix
Kids Hacker
Bun Bun Bee
Back Daan
Super Sentai Land
Pixie Cup
Power Tower
Magical Mist
Bloom Express
Sky Flower
Water Cannon
Flash Rush
Laser Mission – Break into the Secret Warehouse
Hoppin’ Drappy
Chaps Chaps Creek

Address: 1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo
Access 1-minute walk from Suidobashi station

Cost: It has free admission. However, you have to buy a ticket for each attraction.
One day Passport The price starts from 1,800 yen for Children (3 – 5 years old), 2,800 yen for Junior (6 – 11 years old), 3,700 yen for senior (over 60 years old) and youth (12-17 years old) and 4,200 yen for adult. There is a night discount passport for customers to enter the amusement park after 5.00 PM.

Service Hour: Weekdays 11.00 AM until 8.00 PM, Weekends 10.00 AM until 9.00 PM
Website https://www.tokyo-dome.co.jp/ Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean are available.


7. Namja Town


Namja Town is an indoor amusement park, which is located in Ikebukuro. There are many attractions in the theme parks such as:
NAJAVU’s Intense Fishing Spirits
Futuristic Game Gun Gunner
Zombie Breaker
Explosion Mosquito Battle
The Magical School’s Magic Experience
Hell’s Restroom
MONONOKE Detective Troop
Fortune Teller Street
NAMJA Detective Group
Bluebird of Happiness
DONBURA Q Bath House Quiz Challenge

Address: 2nd floor Sunshine City World Import Mart Building, 3 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo
Access 3 minutes walk from Higashi Ikebukuro Station
8 minutes walk from Ikebukuro station

Cost: Admission fee costs 300 yen for children (4 – 11 years old) and 500 yen for an adult (more than 12 years old). NAMJA Passport which includes admission ticket and unlimited attraction pass costs 2,800 yen for children up to 3,500 yen for adults. However, If you enter the theme park after 5.00 PM, you will be able to buy a night pass ticket which is cheaper than a day pass ticket.

Service Hour 10.00 AM until 10.00 PM Final admission is 9.00 PM
Website https://event.bandainamco-am.co.jp/namja/en/ English is available.

Will You Be Visiting These Best Amusement Parks in Tokyo?

You will be able to find a lot of amusement parks in Tokyo. I would seriously advise you to visit these amusement parks in Tokyo!  The information in this article is what the amusement park is currently providing. It may change later on in the future.

Ferinmi / Thailand