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How to Avoid the “Rainy Season Heat”?

By Yae Jun 16, 2018

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It has been more than one month after the Golden Week holidays already…

May is the season that many people can spend comfortable time with nice and sunny weather in Japan. However, many of you already know, but we have a rainy season for about a month starting this month. During this term, it’s necessary for many Japanese people to make the comfortable daily life with rain, so as avoiding from being “Rainy season heat”

Never heard of the word rainy season heat before?
Let’s figure it out and how you can prevent that symptom in this article.



1. What’s the Sign of Being Rainy Season Heat?



When the rainy season starts, some people suffer from some specific symptoms. These are the signs of the rainy season heat. If you have some of the following symptoms, maybe you’re already starting to have one.

・Stiff shoulders
・Feeling dizziness
・Feeling blue
・Feeling heavy
・Can’t sleep well
・No appetite


2. Why People Have Rainy Season Heat?



Do you know what kind of weather it is during the rainy season in Japan? Significant weather conditions are as follows:

・Unstable temperature, atmospheric air pressure, and humidity
・Unstable sun lights

During the rainy season, we have rainy days but sometimes have sunny days or cloudy days. According to these situations, we also have chilly days or hot, humid days. People need regular melatonin when people sleep, and the necessary hormone called serotonin helps to keep good condition of standard melatonin and mental stability.
Sunshine helps to release serotonin, so if the weather keeps cloudy or rainy without any sunshine, this does severe damage for serotonin activation and cause a sleeping problem or emotionally unstable situation on people.

These unstable weather conditions affect people to have a precarious balance of autonomic nerves and cause each sign of being rainy season heat.



3. How to Keep Your Body Stable During the Rainy Season?



For those people who are suffering from rainy season heat, they may quickly get summer heat after rainy season. Let’s protect your bodies from having rainy season heat by following steps:



1. Color relaxation



Did you know that colors make a significant impact on people?
During the rainy season, most people tend to spend time at home rather than going out especially the day raining heavily. No one wants to get wet with your favorite outfits, right?

Many of you may live in a comfortable house with your favorite furniture, fabric or paintings on the wall.
Red and orange color helps people for sympathetic stimulation and makes people happy and give energy. On the other hand, black and blue colors are useful for people for parasympathetic stimulation and make people feel calm.

During the rainy season, most people feel blue because of the cloudy or rainy weather. That’s why colorful tropical flowers or energetic red fabric may help you to get energized at home.
How about something simple like buying a bunch of colorful flowers and decorate at your home during the rainy season?



2. Enjoy tepid water bath


Tepid water bath around 38℃-40℃ makes people relaxed both physically and mentally. Taking tepid water bath about 20 minutes helps to cure of chronic fatigue and poor circulation.
The temperature difference is unstable during the rainy season in Japan, so try to take tepid water bath every day instead of only taking a shower.


4.Effective Recipe for Rainy Season Heat



“You are what you eat” – Adapt your diet to the rainy season!


1. Chicken thigh grill with lemon flavor

Chicken contains carnosine and anserine which are useful for recovering from tiredness. Also, lemon is full of citric acid which helps to strengthen your immune system. Here you are a recipe for getting the best of these two ingredients:


・Chicken thigh (250g)
・Lemon (2 slices)
・Chili pepper (As many as you like)


・Sweet sake ( 2 tablespoons)
・Soy sauce (2 tablespoons)
・Cooking sake (2 tablespoons)
・Salt and pepper (A little)
・Garlic (1 clove of garlic)

Cooking steps

1. Stir-fry the garlic and chili pepper with olive oil.
2. Cut into some pieces of chicken thigh and put them into 1.
3. Put the cooking sake, sweet sake, soy sauce and lemon into 2.
4. Add salt and pepper for adjusting to taste.

If you can drink wine already, this recipe goes great with some dry Riesling white wine 😉

Bon appetit!




Many people feel down during the rainy season in Japan, but this rain is said to be blessed rain. That’s because if it does not rain much during this season, there will be water shortage during summer.

Rainy season is for only a month in Japan, so let’s all have a good relationship with it!