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Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World, The New Favorite of Universal Studio Japan 

By Guidable Writers Sep 9, 2021

Have you heard about the newest addition to Universal Studio Japan? It is called “Super Nintendo World”, a new theme park adapted from the famous Nintendo original game, Super Mario Kart! 

Super Nintendo World established in April 2021 is sponsored by the largest video game company in the world, Nintendo Co., Ltd., originally made in Japan. 

If you are a fan of Mario Kart, Universal Studio should definitely be on your next wish list to carry out. 

To get you onboard, let’s get a closer look at Super Nintendo World, Universal Studio Japan. 

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan

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Super Nintendo World: A New Fantasy World, Taking You Into Video Games

The moment you step into the entrance of Super Nintendo World, you will feel yourself being pulled into a video game, supported by amazing effects along the way. 

Inside, you will see an awe-inspiring design of Mario Kart’s famous world. A complete package of attractions and rides, mini-games, Mario Kart themed restaurants and the official shop for merchandise.

The environment is a clear reflection of what we have seen in video games. Some buildings look like they are made from an animated world structured with unreal material and characters and other in-world items.

There are several floors of Super Nintendo World, separated like levels from the game, from the above level, you will see the whole world!

Inside the Video Game World, Don’t Miss the Attractions! 

Being in the world of video games, it’s impossible not to play their highlighted attractions, Super Mario Kart and Yoshi’s Adventure.

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan mario kart

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1. Yoshi’s Adventure

Right after walking in through the Super Nintendo World alley, you will be able to see a huge building in front of you featuring a sign for Yoshi’s Adventure. This is an adventure with a background story that you need to follow to complete. 

In this unique attraction, you’ll hang on to Yoshi for a fun ride! Perfect for your children to have fun with their favorite characters. 

2. Super Mario Kart 

The next one is their superior new ride! The Super Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge. 

You’ll have the chance to be literally inside the game by racing on a Mario Kart! Once you step into the Mario Kart building, located next to Yoshi’s Adventure, you will see everything exactly the same as the video game. 

You can ride with the famous “M” letter helmet and wear cutting-edge glasses to take you deeper into the game. 

The concept is to win the race, following the same rule as the Switch version. You will ride the famous Mario Kart car with up to 4 people and have your own steering wheel! 

The screen-glasses will let you see everything in-game, such as characters, coin collecting, the attack of other riders and many more! 

If you have your own Power-Up Bands, you can get more power, collect more coins, and have a more real experience inside the game. 

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan mario

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Meet Your Favorite Character from the Super Nintendo World

You will find the whole line-up of Nintendo characters from the game to meet and greet at the theme park! All of your favorite characters appear in gift shops and attractions with an amusing realism. Super Mario Kart characters will come out, and you can have photo sessions together. You can have some fun interactions!

Universal Studios Japan continues to prioritize health protocols with prohibitions on close proximity and other health protocols to prioritise visitor satisfaction, so don’t worry! 

It is important to remember that Super Nintendo World’s gift shop sells everything you need with the design of your favorite characters. 

Starting from cute knick-knacks and dolls of your favorite characters to dinnerware and clothes that are no less exciting! All are available to satisfy your Nintendo needs.

Interesting Foods, Snacks and Mini-Games

When you’re hungry, the famous Toad House from the video game is the place to go, the Kinopio’s Cafe! 

The cafe serves food with cute designs in various choices. Universal Studios also provides allergen details for guests with food limitations. 

They also selling popcorn, and Yoshi’s snacks with super interesting food stands located at some points of the Super Nintendo World. 

Other facilities include several mini-game spots you can enjoy with family or friends, related to Mario Kart’s game. You will also find binoculars that open up the surroundings with special animation effects, which is fascinating! 

Another must-try spot in Super Nintendo World is the photo spot right in front of Yoshi’s Adventure building. The favorite of all visitors! 

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan

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Mark Your Calendar and Book Special Tickets! 

One thing about Universal Studios Japan nowadays is they don’t have many visitors, in other words, there are no waiting lines! 

If you are lucky, you will have the chance to try everything without any lines and try it more than once. 

Therefore, to celebrate this rare opportunity, invite your close friends or loved ones to visit Osaka and enjoy Universal Studio Japan’s new area, Super Nintendo World!

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