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5 Things You Should Pack Before Flying to Japan

By Guidable Writers Aug 14, 2017

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Will you be ready to travel when you head to Japan? I’m sure you are hoping to visit and explore Japan, or perhaps even want to stay for good. Japan is one of the most visited countries all over the world because of its rich and colorful culture, magnificent views, its technology, and much more. Many of us can travel abroad if we are really determined and have the strong will to do so, and traveling is really a lot of fun, but a lot of preparation is also at stake when we talk about traveling. Frugality is one of the main points that must be considered when we plan our travels. Making a checklist of places we wanted to visit or explore when we get to our destination is also a must. A list of souvenirs that we can buy for ourselves, for our relatives, loved ones, and friends is another thing that ought to be kept in mind when we think of traveling. And speaking of that checklist, have you already prepared the things you will be bringing here in Japan? Let me help you get an idea of some of the important things that you will need to bring when you visit the land of the rising sun.



Wherever you go, make sure to always have your passport on you or in your bag. As a tourist, I’m sure you will be excited to travel around, and in order to avoid delays during your trip make sure to always have your passport with you, primarily for identification purposes. This applies not only in Japan but also in any other country around the world.



Japan has four seasons, and it is important to have light clothing to feel comfortable and to stay cool in the hot summer, and fashionable layering to keep the body warm in the cold autumn and winter. Make sure to bring clothes that are appropriate to the season when you come here. It is important that you always feel comfortable whenever you go out and explore.



Have your favorite pair of sneakers with you. This is important because if you’re ready to go out for strolling or just walk around; at least it will be comfortable for you to move from place to place. And when you head home, ready to relax, make sure to have a pair of slippers too.


Daily Needs

Vitamins, medicine, toiletries, beauty products, your favorite food flavoring, etc., should also be a part of your luggage.

-Vitamins and prescription medicine in particular are important to bring because you might not get the chance to locate a store where you can buy them for yourself. It is also vital to have your prescription from you doctor with you.


-Toiletries and other beauty products should not be left when you move here, although there are a variety of stores that you can purchase different kinds of beauty products. Your favorite shampoos and conditioners must also be considered when packing your toiletries.

-Food flavorings must also be kept in mind when you move here. You might feel unfamiliar with the foods that are served here and won’t be able to adjust quickly. For that reason, remember to have your home food flavorings with you so you can prepare yourself a quick meal. But don’t worry, as time goes on, you will grow to love the food here in Japan. Before long you will surely not be needing those flavorings that you brought.






As a traveler, in order to beat the boredom waiting for a flight, or during idle time, gadgets and mobile phones will help to keep you entertained. Do not forget to bring these with you, along with their chargers. Mobile phones are particularly vital, and make sure to have helpful apps like maps, Waze, dictionary, etc. installed on it.


There you have it. I hope this will be a lot of help to you while packing your things before moving to Japan. Please bear in mind that having a checklist of the things you need will make everything much easier.

Enjoy your visit!