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7 Jaw-Dropping Theme Parks in Japan

By Guidable Writers Nov 11, 2019


Can you count how many theme parks exists across Japan? How about the ones you have been to? What about the theme parks you love? Keep scrolling to find suitable theme parks for you from the list we have curated.


  1. Tokyo Disney World

Experience the magical design of both Disneyland and the one and only in the world sea-themed theme park, Disneysea. Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983, followed by the opening of Disneysea in 2001. According to Booloop, at the end of 2017, Disney Resort, Disneysea and Disneyland combined together, attracted a whooping 30.1 million visitors!

For the same reason, it can be tough to enjoy and navigate through the ever-crowded Disney parks. If you can, avoid going on Fridays, weekends, and holidays in order to get the most experience without being hindered by the crowds. To help you decide where to go, we have separate contents for you to read about both parks, just keep scrolling!

Both parks have the same operating hours, fees and location that you can see below.

Location: Head for Maihama Station (JR Keiyo Line)

Operating hours: 8:00 – 22:00

One- day ticket price:

  • Child: ¥4,800
  • Junior: ¥6,400
  • Adult: ¥7,400
  • Senior: ¥6,700



Disneysea consists of 7 areas; Lost River Delta, Arabian Coast, Mermaid Lagoon, Mysterious Island, Mediterranean Harbor, Port Discovery and American Waterfront. Our most recommended attractions for you are the Tower of Terror, Broadway Music Theatre and Indiana Jones Adventure. You will get the opportunity to taste unique themed foods in the cafeteria and carts such as Nemo and Friends Churros and Barnacle Bill’s beer cocktail.

Disneysea is where you want to be for underwater exploration, mystery, and adventure.



If you compare Disneysea and Disneyland, you might say that Disneyland is more kid-friendly. There are more children-friendly rides and attractions available compared to Disneysea. Disneyland consists of Tomorrowland, World Bazaar, Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland, and Toontown. People often go to Disneyland for the classic Disney experiences such as; Disney’s pinnacle castle, Monster Inc, Splash Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster and Space Mountain. Disneyland’s design is ageless and spectacular.


  1. Universal Studios Osaka

            Some of you might have seen an Insta-story or even posts of Butterbeer, a.k.a Harry Potter world’s most popular wizarding beverage. If you want to try the refreshing beverage and enter a world like no other, go to Universal Studios Osaka. The amusement park is suitable for all ages, families and friends can enjoy the rides offered by Despicable Me, 4K3D ride of The Adventures of Spider-Man, The Flying Dinosaur, Hollywood Dream and so much more!

Universal Studios Osaka visitors can expect more show attractions compared to Disneyland that can be enjoyed by all ages. Including Backdraft, Sing on Tour, Water World and Terminator 2 in 3D. To avoid any unwanted disappointments caused by closed attractions, make sure to check the dates of available attractions on the official website! Like, Disney World, the park will be most crowded during the holidays.


Location: Head for Universal-City Station (JR Sakurajima Line)


Operating hours:

Weekdays: 8:30 – 21:00

Weekends: 8:30 – 21:30


One – day ticket price:

Children: ¥5,100

Adult: ¥7,400

Senior: ¥6,700


Universal Express Passes:

3 attractions: ¥4,800

4 attractions: ¥7,800

7 attractions: ¥10,800


  1. Fuji Q Highland


            This is where you go to test your bravery or at least your partners’. If you are into being thrown around in the sky at 180 km/h or float through the scariest horror house in Japan, you belong to Fuji Q Highland. Aside from madcap rides, the food stalls are also satisfying enough to bring you back to Earth after riding some out-of-the-world rides. Fuji Q Highland is popular due to their world-record ride; Fujiyama, what was once the tallest roller coaster in the world. If you are the faint-hearted type no worries! Since there are less dangerous rides in Fuji Q as well such as; fluffy cloud gondola and three-seater foot rowing boat. It is fair to say that Fuji Q Highland is intended for all ages below 60.

It will be difficult to enjoy all the ride if you do not purchase a free-pass to several or unlimited rides due to the long queues and limited tickets. Therefore, you are advised to purchase a free-pass or a priority ticket bought separately from the entry ticket. The priority ticket allows you to skip queue lines to enjoy the 3 most popular rides; Fujiyama, Nagashimasuka, and Tentekomai.

In Fuji Q Highland the more kid-friendly attractions are located in Thomas Land and La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa. Moreover, the free-pass purchased in Fuji Q Highland is also applicable in these parks. The dangerous attractions are popular among students in Japan, so to avoid an overcrowded park, prevent from visiting during the school holidays. Another tip, you can save up to 400 JPY if you purchase online.


Ticket Prices:

Fuji Q Highland 1-day pass:

Adult ¥6,000

Youth (12-17 years)  ¥5,500

Child (6-11 years) ¥4,300


1-day free-pass:

Adult ¥5,700

High school student ¥5,200

Elementary school student ¥4,300

Infants and seniors ¥2,000


  1. Moomin Valley Park

Visit the house of Moomins and the peculiar friends in the Moomin Valley Park! This park is the first Moomin Park to be opened in Japan, launching in the beginning of 2019. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere where Moomin and friends live. You can even greet them! The characters that were created by Tove Jansson are set in a friendly and homely environment. Moomin Valley Park’s Nordic design will take you to a different place far away from reality, where you can feel safe and welcomed while having fun!

Like the other theme park, the weekends and holidays are the days with the longest queues to enter the park and restaurants. As mentioned earlier, Moomin Valley Park is a place of harmony, the statement is strongly supported by the surrounding tranquility of forests.


Location: 5 mins walk from Mettsa Bus Stop

Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00 every day


Ticket price:

Adults (13 years and above): ¥1,500

Children (4-12 years): ¥1,000

Small children (0-3 years): free


Parts of the park that charges an additional fee for entry:

Hobgoblin’s zip line (¥1,500)

Oshun Oxtra theatre (¥1,000)

Moominhouse guided tour (¥1,000)

Little My’s attraction (¥700)


  1. Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura


An area in Tochigi never left the Edo era from the 17th century. If you are interested to experience the ancient Edo period and be an Edo citizen, you can go to Edo Wonderland in Nikko. This is the destination you got to for that instagramable older-era in Japan atmosphere. Pose with your kimono or yukata, treat yourself to the oh-so-tempting delicacies in the exquisite little town.

Edo Wonderland is worth a visit because not only you will get incredible souvenirs and foods, you also get to learn about Edo culture as an added bonus. Child visitors will get the chance to experience Edo-era occupation; Ninjas, Samurai, and the Okappiki Police with certifications drafted upon completion. The shows in Edo-wonderland are unmissable. While some are performed with complex Japanese dialogues, there are also shows that are easy to understand. The courtesan procession will be held across the streets, while most of the other shows will be showcased inside a theatre. While visiting, do not forget to meet Nyan-Mage, the official Edo Wonderland mascot with its own theatre show!


Location: 15 mins from Kinugawa-Onsen Station by bus


Operating hours:


Summer:         20 March – 30 November


Winter:            1 December – 19 March


Edo Wonderland is closed every Wednesday



Ticket price:

1-day pass:

Child (6-12 years): ¥2,400

Adult (13 years and above): ¥4,700

Senior (over 65 years): ¥3,290

  1. Joypolis


Joypolis is one of the most popular indoor amusement parks in Japan, powered by SEGA. The amusement park is filled with different themed attractions such as; roller coasters, mazes, arcades and VR experiences.

As you arrive at Joyplis, the words: fun, chaotic and futuristic immediately comes to mind. The place is dimmed and lit with colorful strikes of light. You can enjoy the uniquely assembled games such as; Transformers, Sonic Athletics, Tower Tag, Halfpipe Tokyo, and Zero Latency VR to get your heart pumping.


Location: 2 mins walk from Odaiba Kaihin Kouen Station (Yurikamome Line)

5 mins walk from Tokyo Teleport Station (Rinkai Line)


Operating hours:

Monday – Sunday, 10:00 – 22:00


Ticket Price:

Admission Ticket:

Children (7-17 of age): ¥500

Adult (18 and above): ¥800


Passport Ticket + Rides:

Children (7-17 of age): ¥3,500

Adult (18 and above): ¥4,500


  1. Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa


Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa is opening a new section called “Patterns”. It is an area similar to Borderlab’s spectacle show, in  Maxell Aqua Park’s case, the themes are fireworks and Japanese patterns. At night the spectacle is used to support the acts of the penguins and dolphins. The 2-floor aquarium is filled with illuminated display under the sea. Each genus is separated into different areas you can visit in the aquarium such as the Jellyfish Ramble, Little Paradise (Changing theme based on tropical/unique fish), and Aqua Jungle.

There are also pretty attractions and bars such as the marine-themed carousel called Magical Ground and the Coral Cafe Bar decorated by luminescent coral.


¥500 for one ride on each attraction (have 2)


Location: 9 mins walk from Shinagawa Station

Operating Hours:

Monday – Sunday, 10:00 – 22:00


Ticket Price:

Adult: ¥2,300

Elementary/middle school students:  ¥1,200

Children (4 years or older):  ¥700


These theme/amusement parks range from costly to affordable, from child-friendly to all ages! Japan also has a lot more theme/amusement parks that are carefully constructed and of course, fun. You can find all sorts of inspiration from the amusement park and freshen up your mind during the break, holiday or even weekdays. Do visit one or more of the jaw-dropping amusement park in Japan that we have listed for you!


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