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An Amusement Place to Go: Tokyo Dome

By Jennifer Jan 28, 2019

Are you looking for an amusement park in Tokyo? Or perhaps someplace new to have a good time with your friends?

If yes! Read this article to learn more about Tokyo Dome!


 Tokyo Dome is an Amusement Place in the Middle of Tokyo


Tokyo Dome is a large complex with many places to go. The Tokyo Dome website even refers to themselves as “Tokyo Dome City”, because of all the attractions within the dome including an amusement park, LaQua Shopping Center, Tokyo Dome Hotel, Tokyo Dome Arena hosting many baseball games, and many others facilities! Going further through the article I will give details of each place and the bests tips for you to fully enjoy your adventure in Tokyo Dome!

1. Tokyo Dome 東京ドーム 

Tokyo Dome is a stadium with more than 50 thousand seats. It was originally built to be the home stadium for the baseball team, Yomiuri Giants, but it ended up becoming much more than just that! The stadium held many important baseball games, American football, wrestling matches, martial arts events, boxing matches, and also, Monster Truck shows.

Many of those sports events, was important disputes that marked the history!

Tokyo Dome Stadium was built in 1988, and since then has hosted not only sporting matches but also became a popular area to host many music concerts and bands. Opening its doors in 1992 for musicians, many famous artists have performed at Tokyo Dome. Not only local acts but also those from overseas for examples, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Gun N’ Roses, Rihanna, and many KPOP famous bands. Such as, TVXQ, BIGBANG, 2PM, EXO,  and many others! Every year many local famous singers perform such as Luna Sea, Hatsune Miku, Glay, and many others. Tokyo Dome has even held yoga events where participants can join with a fee, and practice yoga with famous yoga teachers like Ken Harakuma. 

The Tokyo Dome website has a list of many other upcoming events so be sure to check out the website in order not to miss any other event !

Here is the website link to the next events:

2. Tokyo Dome Attractions

Tokyo Dome Attractions was built next to the Tokyo Dome Stadium. This amusement park is amazing because they have attractions for you to enjoy indoors and out!. This park is recommended for all ages because they have attractions for both children and adults.

The first attraction I’d like to introduce is the Roller coaster “ Thunder Dolphin”. Once you see the Thunder Dolphin you will be both terrified and excited to ride this roller coaster. When you get inside you are able to see the view of Tokyo while riding the adrenaline boost. This ride passes through the wall of LaQua Shopping and the Big O Ferris wheel! This roller coaster will make you laugh and yell at the same time, really recommended!

The next attraction is the Big O. The Big O is a Ferris wheel, the same that the roller coaster passes through, but this roller coaster has another feature that makes it more amazing: karaoke gondolas! Picture this, besides the beautiful view of Tokyo, you can also sing at the same time! It’s like a dream, besides that there is a unique feature, which makes this a rare type of Ferris wheel. It lasts a whole 15 minutes, but more than that, it’s centerless! In 2006 this attraction won the “Guinness World Record” for being the biggest Ferris wheel in the world.

Next, the newest attraction, the haunted house! I am a super big fan of haunted houses, even though once I get inside of those houses I yell a lot! This haunted house is named “Onryou Zashiki”. The meaning of Onryou is vengeful spirit and Zashiki means house spirit. The terror environment is inside a typical Japanese house, increasing Japanese horror. One interesting fact about this place is that they have other languages available to explain history. The languages available are: English, Chinese and Korean. As for my experience of living in Japan, I was really pleased they thought about this place with foreigners in mind. Usually I can’t really understand but now, in this place, we can finally feel all the adrenaline!

This park has others and unimaginable attractions, from Viking rides to carousels. I recommend a visit to people of all ages because there are attractions for everyone!

So next time you go there, do not forget to go in all the attractions, and take a lot of pictures! Go to have fun and feel adrenaline!

Here is the website link of the attractions of Tokyo Dome Attractions page :


3. LaQua



LaQua is the shopping area of Tokyo Dome City with many shops and restaurants. They have a huge range of variety, with more than 60 restaurants and stores scattered around the mall from sports stores to chocolate boutiques. Is an amazing place to enjoy a good shopping time, with friends and family. Also from outside the shopping mall, you can see people enjoying the rollercoasters and the water fountain.

Right in front of LaQua there is the other attraction of Tokyo Dome City; the Water Symphony. This is a fountain water show, with music and lights. They have 6 differences shows throughout the day! The time of their performances are: 11:00 am, 1:30 pm, 4:00 pm,  6:30 pm,  8:00 pm, and 9:30 pm. When it gets dark you will be able to see the beautiful symphony with lights! It is like the water is dancing in the wind.

LaQua also has one of the best Spas in Tokyo. The Spa LaQua has an amazing vibe, you can totally relax inside the pools with beauty treatments, hot spring waters, and saunas. Inside the Spa, you can also find restaurants and cafes. The entrance price fee is ¥ 2,850 yen for adults (above 18), and ¥ 2,052 yen for children (17s and under). It is an unforgettable experience! Next time you go to Tokyo do not forget to pass here!

Here it is the website link of the Spa page:

It opens at 11:00 am and close at 9:00 am.


4. Asobono!



If your children are old enough to joinIf you are looking for a place for your kids to have fun, and they are too young to go on the Tokyo Dome Attractions, they can go to Asobono! This place is a vast indoors playgrounds for kids. You can even get inside with your child and play together. They have many theme areas inside, like the ocean, forest, train stations, and a huge ball pool! Also, they have a safe place for kids under 24 months to play with toys!

So if you are looking for a place to bring your kids, Asobono is the right place!

It is located inside the Tokyo Dome City Attractions.

Here is the website link of the Asobono page:

5. TeNQ Space Museum

Are you curious about space? I was always curious and interested in space as a child. I went to many museums that had a section specific for Earth and other planets, they were amazing. But this museum, there is a 4K resolution of the Earth. Is breathtaking! It is ¥1,800 yen for adults, ¥1,500 for students, and ¥1,200 for children. If you are interested in seeing many curious things about the Universe, this place is the right place for you!

It is located in Yellow Bldg. 6F.

Here is the website link of the TeNQ Space Museum:

6. CuBAR Lounge

This is an exciting place: a mixture between bowling and bar. It is a luxury bar environment with bowling alleys! Interesting right? It is a really nice place to enjoy the company of your friends and have fun! The bar is located at the Yellow Building in the 4F. You pay by according to how many games you play. One game fee for adults is ¥740 yen, while for students is ¥680 yen.

Here is the website link of the page:


7. Tokyo Dome Bowling Center



But, if you want to enjoy a more calm and traditional bowling area, the Tokyo Dome City can also offer that for you!, The Tokyo Dome Bowling Center a casual bowling place, for you enjoy with your friends and family! Similarly to CuBAR Lounge, you pay according to however many games you play, so one game fee for adults is ¥570 yen and for students ¥520 yen. It is a great environment with many advantages, once you are already inside of Tokyo Dome City, there are many places that you can also enjoy after the bowling game.

It is located in the Yellow Building at the 5F.

Here is the website link of the page:

8. Tokyo Dome Hotel

And lastly, Tokyo Dome Hotel: a place for you to stay and appreciate the view that this whole city has to provide!

This hotel has 43 floors and is located in the heart of Tokyo. You can not only admire the view of the park but also the whole unique beauty that Tokyo is. This hotel is well prepared to attend tourists and has one of the best services of Tokyo!. With many restaurants and bars that provide a beautiful view of the city while you are eating, Also, it has a Garden Pool, for you enjoy in the summer days! Another advantage of this hotel is that it is in the middle of Tokyo, making it convenient for tourist spots.

So next time you need a hotel or are planning to travel in Tokyo, do not forget to make your reservation in one of the best hotels in the city!

Here is the website link of the page:


The amusement Tokyo Dome is the right place to have fun!


In this article, we were able to see how many attractions Tokyo Dome City holds! It really does have something for everyone! Ranging from sports arenas to amusements parks to a spa. Is really is a spot you can enjoy all day long. 

Living in Tokyo can crazy: is always busy and looks like the city never sleeps. I think that this is awesome, but sometimes, we just want to relax and have fun, and because of that Tokyo Dome was built, to provide an amazing place for you to enjoy and have fun in the middle of Tokyo!

So do not forget to include Tokyo Dome City in your travel bucket list!

How to get there:

  By train: you can leave at, Suidobashi Station, or Korakuen Station, or Kasuga Station

Here is the website of Tokyo Dome City:


Jennifer/ Brazil