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Something You Need for Your New Life in Japan

By Guidable Writers Mar 9, 2019

What are the necessities we need to start a new life in Japan?



Now that it’s March, April is just around the corner! And as you may know, April is the beginning of the fiscal year in Japan. Therefore, lots of people move to a new place and start a new job or school! Maybe it’s the same for you living in Japan as an expat. I guess you might have to start your semester or new job in April, which means you need to move to a new home! Is it your first time living alone without your family? Have you already received a list of what you need for your new life? This is my “New life in Japan bulletproof list!” I hope it will help you kick start your next life, the right way!


Necessities Before You Move



-Consumer electronics-

Fridge (Reizoko冷蔵庫)

This is one of the most important things you need to live to eat everyday and keep your food fresh! A small fridge for one person would be fine, but it’s better to choose one that has 2 doors, one for the fridge and the other for the freezer.

Washing machine (Sentakuki洗濯機)

Maybe you can get by going to a coin laundry place every time you need to do washing, but things are way more convenient if you have a washing machine in your room. If there’s not enough space to dry your clothes in your room, why not splash out and buy a washer with the drying function.

Air conditioner/heater (Eakonエアコン/Hitaヒーター)

Please check whether the room already has an air conditioner. If not, you should buy it before you move since the weather is quite unpredictable in spring.

Vacuum cleaner (Sojiki掃除機)

You don’t have to clean your room everyday, but you will surely need a vacuum because you will get lots of dust after you unpack your luggage! Also, purchasing a stand-up vacuum is great for storage in small rooms!

Hair dryer (Doraiyaドライヤー)

If you have long hair, this is a must!



Bed (Beddoベッド)

If you prefer a bed to sleep, you should buy it before you move! But first, you need to make sure you have enough space to put it in your room! Please don’t forget a mattress, duvet, pillow and bed sheets.

Table/ Chair (Teburuテーブル/Isuイス)

It is better to buy a simple, compact table and chair set to use the space in your room more efficiently!

Curtain (Katenカーテン)

Lots of people get to their new apartment, unpack and settle in for the night only to realize they forgot their curtains in their old place! But curtains are very important, I’m sure you want to protect your privacy too! Light shielding curtains are recommended so nobody will know if you are in the room or not!



Cooking stove (Konroコンロ)

If you don’t have one in your room, you can buy them from electronic stores!

Towel (Taoruタオル)

Bathmat (Basumattoバスマット)

Hanger (Hangaハンガー)

Rubbish bin (Gomibakoゴミ箱)

Table wear (Shokkirui食器類)

Detergent/Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Soap (Senzai洗剤/ Shanpuシャンプー/ Kondishonaコンディショナー/Sekken石鹸)

Tissue (Tisshuティッシュ)

Chopsticks/Spoon/Fork (Hashi箸/ Supunスプーン/ Fokuフォーク)


Necessities for After Moving



-Consumer electronics-

Rice cooker (Suihanki炊飯器)

For a single person, a 3 cup rice cooker should suffice (1 cup is around 180ml).

Electric iron (aironアイロン)

If you are an office worker in Japan, this is something you must buy to iron the wrinkles on your shirt or handkerchief! Also, don’t forget the ironing board!

Microwave oven (Denshirenji電子レンジ)

A simple one with the lowest function option is very cheap! A small one is enough for one, but it would be better to choose a microwave with an oven function if you are a good cook!

TV (Terebiテレビ)

You can watch some TV programs with your phone or PC, but I guess someday you will crave TV!

Kettle (Ketoruケトル)

You can boil water quickly and easily!



Full length mirror (Zenshinkagami全身かがみ)

Do my clothes match? Is there toothpaste around my mouth? It is important to check how you look before you leave for the day!

Laundry pole (Monohoshizao物干し竿)

You can efficiently dry laundry in your room or balcony with a laundry pole. Or you can choose to get a laundry stand if you have more space!

Closet (Kurozettoクローゼット)

Maybe your room comes with a cupboard, closet or even a walk-in. It’s best to check before-hand in the instance you will need to buy one from a furniture shop.

Sideboard (Shokkidana食器棚)

You don’t have to buy this. But it’s recommended if you prefer things to be tidied away and stored.



Cling film (Saranrappuサランラップ)

Pan (Furaipanフライパン)

Hot pot (Nabe鍋)

Chopping board/ kitchen knife (Manaitaまな板/ Hocho包丁)

Cup (Koppuコップ)

Dusting equipment (Sojiyogu掃除用具)


Prepared for your new life in Japan? Do you have all the necessities ready?


Are you ready to move to your new place? Or have you already moved and now you are thinking about what else you need? I hope that your relocation will be successful and that you have a new happy life somewhere in Japan!