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Fireworks Events in August

By Guidable Writers Aug 5, 2016

Summer has just come, how do you spend it?  Some go to trip for enjoying with friend, some are struggling in doing own jobs.

There are many events which reminds Japanese of summer. Watermelon, Furin(Wind chime), Yukata, Mosquito coil, Uchiwa(Japanese fan), Sunflower, Clear blue sky with cumulonimbus, and so on.

Fireworks is one of it. Following picture is a typical image that means Japanese summer. You can see people wearing “Yukata” and watching it.


Especially when you live in Japan, go to watch fireworks with your family, partner or friend is a popular or must-try thing. ※Because some people would dare to spend flight ticket to come to popular Japanese fireworks event.
Here in below, I pick some of fireworks events which are waiting for you in this August. Usually, it starts from the evening, you can even go to see it after finish your work.


1) Suwa Lake Fireworks ~August 15th~

This fireworks event is well known as the biggest one in Japan. What makes this as the biggest one is its number of fireworks. Usual events have 3,000 to 10,000 fireworks, but Suwa Lake Fireworks has 40,000 of standing number. The best part of this event is It’s StarMine firework on the lake. People all over Japan take a chance to come visit it.

For the detail, go to check their event page as follows:

2) Kawasaki City Tamagawa Fireworks ~August 20th~ 

This is the biggest fireworks in Kanagawa Prefecture. Many people live in Kanto area would take a visit to see this fireworks. Compare to other huge fireworks event, this does not have standing number of fireworks but you can fully entertained by its StarMine fireworks with the music.


For the further information:


3) Cho-fu Fireworks ~August 21st~

If you live in Tokyo, you should take a visit to see this fireworks. It is popular like “Sumida River Fireworks” and “Tokyo Bay Fireworks”. The attractive points are its computer controlled Fireworks illuminations in the sky. The color, explosion, and music are perfectly matched, and you would be moved by it.


For the further information:


Hopefully, Japanese summer holidays called “Obon” is just on those days.
You can take your Obon holidays and go to see it with those who you really want to enjoy it together.



Guidable Team