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How to Enjoy Online Shopping in Japan 

By Devy May 20, 2022

Have you ever thought you wanted to try online shopping in Japan? 

If yes, what would you go for? 

Thanks to the advanced technology and ample resources here in Japan, doing online shopping is easy and very fun, especially when you are very busy and do not have much spare time to buy the things you need. 

Guide to Online Shopping in Japan

Below are a few tips and tricks that may come in handy when you decide to try online shopping in Japan. 

If you are looking for something specific, we have a few recommendations on where to look based on your needs. 

Home Appliances 

For those looking for home appliances or household needs, we have summed up a few famous home appliances stores that you can buy from online. 

1. Nitori 

Nitori is one of the biggest furniture retail companies in Japan. It has been around for years and has successfully built more than 400 stores across the country. 

Nitori provides more than just home products and decoration; they have a host of convenient services for in-store and online shopping. 

a photo of a fully furnished kitchen

Photo credit: Charlotte May (Pexels)

If you are looking for some great decorations or more specific home items such as bedding, curtains, or kitchenware, Nitori is your go-to.

On their website, they provide detailed information about the items as well. For more details, check here

If you do end up buying, Nitori’s delivery is also very convenient as you can choose your delivery dates. 

Unfortunately, at the moment, all services inside the country are only available in Japanese. However, you can call their call center for help, and they will be pleased to help you find what you need. 


Who isn’t familiar with IKEA? It has long been people’s favorite when it comes to choosing home appliances or household items, thanks to its use of appealing designs, high-quality materials, and the durability of its products. 

Since IKEA does not have many stores in Japan, you can shop online at IKEA on their website. They will deliver everything you need right to your front door with a free overhaul service if needed. 

Delivery takes a few days, so make sure to adjust your schedule to calculate everything, so it arrives on time. 

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Photo credit: Canva

3. Amazon Japan

Third on the list is Amazon Japan! Although it is not necessarily just for home appliances, you will likely be able to find almost everything you need here.

From home appliances to beauty, it is all available on Amazon Japan. You can even get specific brands that are not usually sold in Japan delivered to your door. 

Since Amazon is a global chain, it can provide everything from everywhere. Depending on your items, delivery may take from a single day to a few months. However,  it is now not impossible to get worldwide shipping at the snap of a finger! 

Health and Beauty

1. iHerb Japan

If you are looking for health and beauty products, there is no better place to look than iHerb Japan. All the wellness and beauty products you need are sold here, imported from the States. 

The mission of iHerb, which is based in California and works with more than 300,000 retailers, is to make wellness and beauty products accessible for everyone worldwide. 

photo of small oil drop bottle on bed of rose petals

Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska (Pexels)

iHerb also provides a lot of helpful information regarding the products so you know what you’re buying with links to related products so you can compare similar items. 

Delivery usually takes 3-4 days, with various offers available on bundles. 

You can check out on their website here for everything you need for a closer look! 

2. LookFantastic Japan 

Beauty lovers alert! For those of you interested in skincare and makeup products, LookFantastic Japan is one of the biggest beauty marketplaces, providing access to brands from all over the world. 

Some brands are difficult to find in Japan, such as those makeup or skincare brands based in the U.S. or more distant parts of the world. 

LookFantastic usually ships from the Netherlands or the United Kingdom and takes around 2 to 3 weeks to deliver, so be careful not to order from here if you need your package to arrive by a certain date. 

Fashion Items

1. Shein 

Shein is one of the biggest clothing marketplaces in the world and sells various fashion items at a very reasonable price. 

a photo of a rack of clothes

Photo credit: Canva

This brand is famous for selling trendy clothing based on the recommendations of worldwide trend trackers and offering any fashion item you are looking for, including everything you need to complete your look. 

From a variety of jeans to fake nails and bag accessories, all are available at Shein. 

They always have many promos and offers available, including a free delivery promo if you spend at least 2,000 yen; A perfect way to enjoy an excellent online shopping session!

Are You Ready to Get Online and Try Shopping in Japan? 

The above suggestions are some of the best places to try online shopping for a fun and easy shopping session. 

Enjoy getting everything you need in a shorter amount of time, and be ready to have your own shopping spree experience! 

Devy Mufliha,


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