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[Jin’s adventure in Japan~Chinese student eye~5]Japanese Cuisine

By Guidable Writers Mar 10, 2017

Japanese culture is very popular in the world. Japanese anime, music, fashion, and so on. All of these are spreading the Japanese culture to the world.

As far as I am concerned, I am most interested in Japanese cuisine. When it comes to Japanese cuisine, people may think of sashimi, sushi, and so on. Japanese cuisine always pay attention to original taste which of the food itself. No matter what ingredients, No matter what the ingredients, can be done in the preservation of the original taste of cooking. Japanese also like fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients can be eaten raw, and ingredients which could be eaten raw must be fresh. And fresh ingredients have a high nutritional value. Japanese cuisine is also very focused on the shape of food. a lot of Japanese cuisine is not only delicious, but also have a delicate shape.

As a Chinese, the topic is always inseparable from food. Therefore, taking this opportunity, I would like to try some of the Japanese cuisine which are popular in the world.



Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese dishes. So I decided to eat sushi as my first meal after I came to Japan. Sushi have a lot of variety, and also have many colors. The ingredients of Sushi in addition to rice, there are a variety of seafood and so on. At first, I confused the sashimi and sushi! But now I know the difference between the sashimi and sushi. Rotary sushi is the most famous in Japan. Japanese called “kaitennzushi”. Sushi dishes are placed on the conveyor belt, and it will run around customers. The customer can choose the type of sushi which do you want. Finally, staff will calculate the price by the sushi plates. This method is convenient and interesting.



Ramen is also a major specialty food in Japan. Noodles has a rubbery texture and is often eaten with Soup. Then, it has a lot vegetables and meat on the noodles. Ramen is balanced in nutrition.Ramen is very delicious, and different places have different tastes. Soy sauce soup, miso soup and salty soup are the three most popular tastes in Japan. Yokohama has a Ramen Museum. You can taste the ramen which in all parts of Japan at this museum.


Don’t miss the Japanese food when you travel to Japan.