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Must-See Indie-Pop Concert List for February-April 2023 in Japan

By Adi Rumale Feb 10, 2023

This winter, immerse yourself in Indie-Pop music by going to a concert in Japan. As border restrictions have lifted and public events have started in full swing, the city’s vibrancy is returning. 

Enjoy a Concert in Tokyo

Starting in February, Japan has a number of English musicians performing. Pick your favorites, grab your tickets, and get ready for a good time! 

1. Wet Leg 

Music all the way from England, Wet Leg is a Grammy-winning Indie band. They describe themselves as “sad music for party people and party music for sad people.” They kick off their Japan Tour in Tokyo on February 12. They also have shows in Nagoya and Osaka. They finish their tour with two shows in Tokyo on the 15th and 17th of February. This duo is one to look out for!

2. Conan Gray 

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Conan Gray writes songs for angsty teens and heartbroken adults. He has songs to dance to, songs to cry to, songs to hug your best friend to. Songs to mourn lost youth and celebrate disappointments of early adulthood. A pop worshiper at heart, his discography feels like an accepting pair of arms. His first show is in Yokohama on February 16th. He is also performing in Osaka. 

3. Phoebe Bridgers 

Slow self-reflection, wallowing ballads, and rock-infused songs about anguish: Phoebe Bridgers has a lot to offer. Fans call her shows “group therapy sessions.” But do not mistake her sad songs for her personality; she has hilarious jokes to share between songs. The singer-songwriter will begin her tour in Kyoto, then perform in Osaka. She will finish the Japan leg of the ‘Reunion tour’ in Tokyo on 21st February. Afterward, she will tour with Taylor Swift in the States.

4. Arctic Monkeys 

Black fishnet stockings, Doctor Martens, and a cigarette in hand: these are the cult classics of iconic British Indie-rock band Arctic Monkeys. During a typical concert, “throngs of fans go mad at the hint of a familiar drumbeat or guitar riff”.The setlist consists of tracks from their most recent album, ‘The Car,’ along with songs from their timeless, decade-defining album ‘AM’. Their show in Tokyo is on the 13th of March. 

5. Harry Styles

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Former One Direction member and solo pop phenomenon, Harry’s shows are truly the place to be! Wearing extravagant outfits and throwing witty remarks at his fans, the set is full of life, energy, and color. The crowds at his shows tend to be just as outgoing and enthusiastic as the singer. He has two shows in Tokyo: on 24th February and 25th February. 


Edgey, but soft, Blackpink shows are an entire universe of their own. Not only do fans get to witness four performers make magic together on stage, but they also get to watch the girls showcase their individual talents. The world’s largest K-pop girl group is scheduled to perform at Tokyo Dome on the 8th of April and the 9th of April. Their shows are a testament to their excellence and artistry. The ‘Born Pink tour’ will also commence in Osaka’s Kyocera Dome. 

7. The 1975 

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The ‘1975: At Their Very Best Tour’ is “one of the most inventive, bizarre, and entertaining shows in recent memory”. On their latest album, ‘Being Funny In a Foreign Language,’ the band makes light-hearted social commentary and encourages listeners to extend empathy to the violently different people around them. The set consists of a live performance of the new album in its entirety, which is then followed by a performance of the band’s greatest hits. They have two shows in Yokohama on the 24th of April and the 25th of April.

Attending an Indie-pop Concert in Japan: An Unforgettable Experience 

With Valentine’s day being right around the corner and the monotony of COVID gradually fading, attending a concert with a loved one is the perfect plan. Whether you choose to go with friends, family, or just by yourself, you will surely have a memorable time! 

What Indie-pop concert in Japan will you attend?

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