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3 Popular Sports to Try out in Autumn in Japan

By Aika Kaise Oct 20, 2018

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Autumn is the season you are able to enjoy outdoor sports because of the comfortable temperature in Japan. Japanese people say autumn is the best season for it.

Not only the temperature but also the scenery of autumn leaves is amazing in fall. Because of that, outdoor sports are very popular in autumn, and there are so many you are able to experience in Japan.
This article introduces 3 best ones among them.




Paragliding is a sport where you can fly through the sky. When it first came to Japan the flight time was only from 3 to 5 minutes, nowadays you are able to fly for 2 to 3 hours. In addition to that, you can fly 2,000 m above the ground.

Although there are about 100 spots where you are able to experience it, the most recommended one is Aso Nature Land which is located in Kumamoto prefecture. It is surrounded by beautiful nature and you are able to fly above the firm ground and river.

If you have never done this before, you may feel nervous because you have to fly with a paraglider alone,
but the staff will teach you how to fly with it from the basics, so please do not worry. You are able to apply for a trial course for beginners, and you can start from practicing on the ground for about 20 minutes, and then flying up from 20 to 30 m above the ground. Please note that there is a limit of weight which you are able to do this. Weight should be over 40 kg for children, under 80 kg for men, and under 65 kg for women.


Bungee Jumping


There are a lot of spots where you can bungee jump in Japan from amusement parks to bridges.

Usually it is much more scary to jump from bridges, and it costs more than amusement parks. It costs usually about 3,000 yen at amusement parks, and about 15,000 yen on bridges. The highest bridge which you can bungee jump in Japan is Ryujin bridge at Ryujinkyo in Ibaraki prefecture, and the height is 100m.

It is said even people who usually enjoy bungee jump also feel fear to jump from it. Please note that there are age and weight limitation. The people who can do it is over 15 years old, and the weight should be from 40 to 105 kg. The cost is 16,000 yen for the first time, 7,000 yen for the second time, and 10,000 yen after that. Please note that you need to bring your identification card, and the parents’ agreement and accompaniment are required for children under 20 years old.




It is also one of the most recommended sports to be done in autumn in Japan. The scenery you see from a canoe in a river or lake is so amazing because you are able to go down with seeing autumn leaves. You are able to enjoy it until the beginning of November to the end of November. It is also one of the sports which beginners are able to do as well because there are instructors, and they will teach you how to use a canoe from the basis, including how to get in.

Although there are so many places where you can experience it, the most recommended one is Minakami-canoe which is held by Forest & Water Co., Ltd. located in Minakami town in Gunma prefecture. The recommended point is that you can enjoy BBQ in a great nature after enjoying canoeing.
It is so nice to enjoy it in the great nature. Please note that you need to prepare swimsuit and towel by yourself.


In conclusion, autumn is the best season for sports because of its comfortable temperature and great scenery of autumn leaves in Japan. It is so amazing to experience them in a great nature with feeling the comfortable weather.

Although there are many you are able to experience in fall in Japan, the above 3: paraglider, bungee jump, and canoe are the most recommended because you can enjoy them in a beautiful setting. All of them are available for the beginners as well, so you do not need to be worried even if you have never experienced them before.
Please check the restriction and note that some of them may require a reservation, so please check before going.

Why don’t you try them if you have a chance to visit Japan in autumn?

Aika Kaise / Japan