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Shiseido Making Ginza Modern for Over 140 Years

Shiseido Making Ginza Modern for Over 140 Years

By Guidable Writers Sep 24, 2016

The Fashionable Ginza by Shiseido

Have you heard about the name Shiseido?

Shiseido Company was established in Ginza,Tokyo in 1872. It was operated as a European style pharmacy at first, then they started manufacturing cosmetics and opened the soda fountain, called in present as Shiseido Parlour. It has been based on the Ginza area since then, and well-known as “Shiseido of Ginza, Tokyo”. Moreover, because its 1st president, who was the founder’s son was also a photographer, the company has been also hot for creating culture to make Ginza and Japan modern and cool. Advertising, package, etc. and most of its style has been totally different from other cosmetics companies. Even though Ginza has lots and lots of symbolic things, Shiseido is the major facet in all of them.


Shiseido Parlour: The Pioneer of Western Cuisine in Japan

It might be unbelievable, but Shiseido has been operating a Western cuisine restaurant named Shiseido Parlour. At first, it was operated as a soda parlor served by the fountain which was made in the U.S., then it was developed into a restaurant in early 1920s. Its concept is “Western cuisine which goes well with rice” like omelette rice, meat croquette, curry rice and many others. Omelette rice is especially well known for its signature which has the perfect shape and retro but with delicious taste. They also have a café called Salon de Café which serves parfait, cake, ice cream soda, etc. Because they have since been loved by fashionable people like geisha, popular novelists etc. since before the war, there is still this kind of a status symbol. Reservation is required if you visit there during peak hours, but walk-in is accepted at Salon de Café. For more information you can check their site Parlour Shiseido in Ginza.


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Camellia-Shape Sweets: The Symbol of Shiseido

Shiseido Parlour also has sweets shop nationwide including in Ginza. The store’s signature is the biscuits which has its symbol “Hanatsubaki”, which means camellia flower. The Hanatsubaki Biscuits in camellia-shape is popular as a souvenir not only in Ginza. Because the can is so colorful in variation, there are many people which are camellia cans collectors. Ginza location is its flagship and you can get exclusive products there as well.


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Shiseido the Ginza: The Flagship Store

Shiseido also sells its cosmetic products in Ginza- their major location. The store named Shiseido the Ginza is its flagship which has almost all products available in Japan. Moreover, it also has photo studio, charged powder room, aesthetic salon, etc. to make you more beautiful. The cosmetics counter named Beauty Marche on the 1st floor has an event called “Happy Beauty Hour” once a month. You can enjoy free original cocktail and mouth-watering finger foods with seasonal theme from Shiseido Parlour. Of course you can fix your makeup at the powder rooms before hanging out and you can also have makeup lessons or facial and body treatments with its prestige products. You might be able to find the new you. For more information, visit Shiseido the Ginza main website


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