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Things to Do This Weekend in Tokyo 26-27th June

By Alex Gray Jun 24, 2021

Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out Guidable’s top pick of events and things to do this weekend.

Note: due to COVID-19, events are limited and cancellations are frequent. Please check with the official homepage of the event before leaving home. Also, don’t forget to practice social distancing and wash your hands regularly.

Guidable’s Pick of Things to Do This Weekend in Tokyo

Omotesando Hills Shaved Ice Fair

24 June 2021 ~ 31 August 2021

Take a trip around the world at Omotesando Hills’ Shaved Ice fair. This year’s theme is “trip”, and the shaved ice variations are made based on different sweets from around the world. Variations include England’s peach-melba; a grapefruit, mango and peach French cocktail; almond milk and amaretto liqueur from Italy; Taiwanese mango shaved ice and more!

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Tokyo Dome Mango Afternoon Tea

1 May 2021 ~ 30 Jun 2021

Enjoy a mango afternoon tea at Tokyo Dome’s Sky Lounge & Dining “Artist Café”.

The menu includes mango scones, cheese tarts with rose-shaped mango slices, mango mousse, and other delicious mango sweets, gorgeously arranged on three-tiered stands. You can also enjoy savory dishes, such as foie gras mango burger, seafood escabeche, and tortilla.

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teamLab Reconnect digital sauna in Roppongi

22 March 2021 ~ 31 August 2021

Digital projection and art and sauna come together in this stunning installment by teamLab. There are three rooms to enjoy: you can relax in the sauna, jump in a cold shower and then soak your feet in the hot bath. All rooms are decorated with beautiful digital projection designs to intrigue and inspire.

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HOTARU BIYORI at Yomiuriland

things to do in tokyo this weekend hotaru


Watch fireflies float around the stream, surrounded by seasonal flowers and plants at HANA-BIYORI park. In recent years, the number of places and opportunities to watch fireflies has been decreasing nationwide, making this a valuable spot in the city.

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Traditional Japanese Culture

rainy day in tokyo


Maybe this weekend is the time you take a trip to that cultural museum you’ve always been wanted to go to. Visit museums like the Edo-Tokyo Museum, or a kabuki show in Ginza, take a Japanese tea ceremony class, or a dance class. There are so many ways to get in touch with Japanese culture. For more things to do on a rainy day in Tokyo, check out this list.

Your Picks of Things to Do This Weekend in Tokyo

If you are planning to go to any of these events, we would love to hear your thoughts. What are your favourite things to do at the weekend? Let us know!