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Top 5 Seaside Destinations Near Tokyo for Summer 2021

By Devy Jul 28, 2021

Summer 2021 is already here, and with it brings the promise of seaside fun! As we enter the second half of 2021, sunny weather has approached the Japanese islands, especially Tokyo. The sunny sky seems to be inviting us to vacation. And spending some relaxing time with family, friends, or partners sounds like a fun way to fill these hot days. 

Are You Excited to Spend Summer 2021 at the Seaside? 

For those of you who live around Tokyo, are you excited to welcome the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which will enliven the atmosphere of Summer 2021? 

This year’s summer vacation may feel totally different from previous years. We are not able to hold a family gathering or get-together with friends like we always did. 

Even though many tourist attractions are closed due to Covid-19 and the Olympics, don’t worry! We have some interesting suggestions for seaside spots in Tokyo to give yourself a much-deserved getaway.

seaside from tokyo

Credits: Pexels, Engin Akyurt

1. Oi Central Seaside Park, Shinagawa

Do you want to enjoy something different from a beach vibe?  Come to Oi Central Seaside Park, located in Shinagawa!

Located right on the seafront of Tokyo Bay, here you will feel a different vibe from most beaches. There are sports facilities, BBQ spots, the famous Nagisa Forest, and some interesting resting spots with a beautiful view of the Tokyo sea. 

Without spending a lot of money and time, you will be able to enjoy the seafront atmosphere here.

Don’t forget to invite your friends or family! Together, you can enjoy the seaside picnic vibes and have a pleasant time travelling on a shoestring. 

2. Hinode – Takeshiba Seaside Line

Along the road between Hinode and Takeshiba stations, there are many nice spots that only a few people know about. 

Here, you can choose an attractive seafront restaurant to enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner or a family lounge with an ocean view to spend a hot day with your family. The choice is in your hands!

Besides the choice of restaurants or family lounges, many piers give you access to try the water bus of Tokyo Bay.

A perfect destination for those looking for different kinds of beach experiences. 

Credits: Pexels, Kenneth Carpina

3. Lalaport Toyosu

Another non-mainstream destination to fill your days of summer 2021 is the Lalaport Toyosu, a huge department store located right at Toyosu Station!

You can spend your sunny day shopping here, watching a movie in the cinema, or enjoying your restaurant of choice with family. 

In addition, Lalaport Toyosu provides a beautiful park that is directly connected to the sea! 

You can enjoy the seaside and the beach atmosphere at the same time on your shopping day!

With a large selection of stores, a wide parking area, a bunch of restaurant choices by the seaside, as well as a pleasant garden for your little ones, wouldn’t this be a great summer destination for you and your family? 

seaside from tokyo

Credits: Pexels, Olga Lioncat

4. Hama Rikyu Garden, Minato

The next spot is the Hama Rikyu Garden. This garden is famous for its soothing ambience, perfect for being in the hot weather this summer. 

This park does not directly face the sea of Tokyo Bay but has access to a river downstream that leads directly to Tokyo Bay.

A unique point about this park is that it provides views from various sides, which show the metropolitan side of Tokyo city combined with cool natural beauty and an interesting garden atmosphere. 

This place is perfect for those who want to refresh, get out of the city crowd, and enjoy the beauty of nature without wasting a lot of time travelling far.

Hama Rikyu Garden is quite crowded during holidays, so you have to be careful, and don’t forget to keep your distance and wear a mask.

5. Aomi Port Park, Odaiba

Last but not least, this one is located around Odaiba beach.

It has several park options for you to visit. There are Aomi Minami Port Park, Aomi Kita Port Park, and also Aomi Center Port Park. 

You can see the ocean, which is very refreshing, and there is also a soothing green garden. The parks provide quite a lot of benches to take a seat while enjoying the view. It also has a wide green space for you to play some frisbee or catch with your loved ones.

This place can be used as a picnic spot with your family or for a morning run to enjoy the beauty of Tokyo Bay with a touch of sunlight.

So, Mark Your Calendar and Let’s Soak Up Some Sun at the Seaside!

Enjoying summer this year may feel different due to the ongoing pandemic and the Olympics. 

However, the seaside Tokyo spots suggested above will be a perfect choice for you to relax and refresh by the water, making pleasant memories with your loved ones. 

Even though it will feel different, don’t be discouraged! Many places in Tokyo are easy to reach, not too crowded, and offer a lot of fun. We wish you a nice summer vacation! Don’t forget to follow health and safety protocol, wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance.

Devy Mufliha,