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Watching City Like Cats by Cat Street View

By Guidable Writers Oct 12, 2016

Hiroshima Cat Street View – Exploring City at the Cats’ Eye Level

There are some cats in off-street and old town. Have you ever thought how about viewpoints for cats? Because Hiroshima Pref. has 2 historic cities, it has released street view service named “Hiroshima Cat Street View”, which introduces streets at the cats’ eye level since last year. The cats could know hidden features of these cities, and you can simulate exploring there like cats. The Pref. has released the view of Onomichi as its 1st version in September 2015, then the view of Takehara has been released as 2nd version in September 2016. Both cities still have old street and buildings, then you can discover their new features through these sites.


Cat Street View 1 Onomichi

Onomichi is Japan’s one of well-known historic cities. There are several old temples, old houses, islands, etc., and the city seems to be nostalgic. Not to mention, some novels and movies are set in the city, and that is why there is loved by bunch of people in and outside Japan. Originally, there are known for the city of cats and slopes, and tourists visit there to see them has been increasing. You will connect there and see cute cats and nostalgic scenery on the internet though you haven’t planned the trip yet. More info;


Cat Street View 2 Takehara

The City of Takehara is also known for historic city which is called one of “The Little Kyoto”. There are old residences which used to be owned by merchants in the heart of the city, and the area is now designated as historical heritage. The cats are in the area and one of them named Soseki shows you old street same as Onomichi. There are sake breweries, museum, shrine, former merchants’ houses etc., and you may stop by these places. In Takehara, Okunojima Island has been known as “The Rabbit Island” among both Japanese and non-Japanese people, and the number of non-Japanese tourists have been increasing lately, but the historical heritage hasn’t become famous yet. It might be caused by Tadanoumi Port, which is the entrance of the island, is quite far from there. However, when you go on a virtual trip at the cats’ eye level on the internet, you would be interested in this classic and quiet town. More info;


(Photo by Yuko)