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Yellow Line

By Guidable Writers Dec 30, 2015

“Quite many rules in Japanese people’s mind.”


Those “Rules” have been making using long time; change or dismiss unwanted or individual part to become profitable rules for each one of people.


I am quite sure that you have seen this yellow line in the station, aren’t you?


This is not only for telling you “Back off, train is coming”.

There are people who need indication on the load for direction.


You probably have not seen situation of fighing.

The writer have never fought to person, and never seen any fighting in Japan.



However, the moment have suddenly came to my friend.


I was with 4 other friend who come from abroad and that was same day of their arrival.

I was explain about Ramen restaurant in the shopping street with 5m width, since they wanted to have a best ramen around their hotel as a first food they have in Japan.



The writer could not notice friends are lining up in horizontally and disturbing other pedestrians.


Deeply concentrated I was, in explanation.

Then, a person who plunge into my friend’s back. I couldn’t see if it’s on purpose, but judging by the strength, it seems on purpose.

End of 20, with white coat, beautiful woman.


“(Un ? Fighting !? …. Oh no ! We are disturbing other walkers. I am sorry )”

I didn’t make it barval. Before I was going to apologise


“I am so sorry.”

The beautitful woman say first, with little surprise on her face.

She didn’t look at us.

However, we are the bad mannered guy. Not her.



Writer then notice she was holding stick. The stick reached to the ground.

Suddenly writer noticed one big fact and felt sincere apology toward her.



She was blind .



The writer was concentrated on explanation of ramen restaurant for friends.

I was going to leave the place within 30 seconds. During that 30 seconds, I ignored the rules and not paying attention to other walkers. Not thinking of possibility that disable people are also included in walkers.



Yellow lines on street, station, near the lift, near the foot pass, etc, are indication of road for blind people. That is their pass: Braille block.



Despite the fact Japan is considered as one of the well-mannered country in the world, I have seen several bicycle were parked on the braille block lots of time.



We still have lots more to learn about manners for people.


Besides, people who give help to disable people are not many.

People are willing to think

“If I say `Do you need hand?`. Then, will they think `Do not behave I am wanting someone’s help like little kids and poor disables` ? ”.

Or other people think

“Even you have disability, you should do your thing by yourself.”

“I am busy.”


Kindness of Japanese people are not greater than their brave. They do not have brave to ask for help or offer the hand.

We care and worry about what other people think about ourself. We care how I am looked.


On the other hand writer think people who come from other country have great brave and not caring about how other people see you.


If you see those of you who seems disables, even though you don’t offer for hand or say words of “Are you OK?”, I am really happy to show “unseen kindness:OMOIYARI”.