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How to Take Care of Your Baby When Traveling to Japan

By Armie Sep 24, 2018

One of the things mothers consider as daunting is when traveling with the little ones. It doesn’t matter whether going to the grocery, shopping, or doing some errands here and there; more so when bringing them somewhere far, like out-of-town or abroad. Wherever you plan to bring your little tyke, preparation is always the key and it works all the time.

Joining the club of parenthood doesn’t mean no more exciting and fun trips, so here’s a guide to how to travel with a baby in tow in Japan.

Get a clearance from your baby’s pediatrician

It is always important to check first with your baby’s pediatrician before going abroad, especially if the baby is less than a year old to make sure that your baby is already up to some traveling. You can also ask the doctor of the list of prophylactic medicines and vaccines needed prior to traveling. I cannot stress this well enough because it is very important to have a first aid kit for your baby in case of emergency. Although there are well equipped hospitals in Japan that I am sure can handle medical emergencies, it’s better to always be prepared.

Always bring your baby’s passport and Visa, too

Aside from these are needed during check-in and boarding at the airport, make sure that you bring not only your passport but also your baby’s passport while touring in Japan.

Don’t forget the baby essentials

What to bring when you have your baby in tow? Of course, never forget to bring their formula if you’re not breastfeeding and diaper supply, especially during the flight. You don’t have to bring the whole trip supply of diapers because you can easily buy those in Japan. If you’re a breastfeeding mom, while it’s not a common sight to see breastfeeding mothers in public areas, there are nursing rooms in many places in Japan, even inside their bullet trains.

Bring lightweight stroller and carrier

These are particularly handy during airports stay while waiting for boarding, as they are free to be taken on board in most aircraft, and you can wheel them as far as the plane door before they will be put on the under compartment. These also provide a good opportunity for your little one to have a little nap during the day, or even to sleep in while you’re out in the evening. It is strongly advised to avoid taking the subway during busy hours while traveling with your baby in Japan as you’re not sure if you will be given a seat. Taxi, albeit expensive, can be a good alternative transportation. Japan also offers stroller rentals if you opt not to bring your stroller with you.

Don’t forget the baby food

If your baby is already six months or is already taking solids, baby food is one of the things you should not forget to bring. Although there are a lot of baby food in Japan, it’s always better to be prepared in case you can’t find the brands that your baby is well accustomed to. By the way, I forgot to mention to always bring their favorite when traveling to keep them entertained, especially on the plane.

Book accommodation ahead

There is plenty of accommodation in Japan that are well suited for families during travels. Please do make a booking before your scheduled travel and inform them already if you have any special arrangements and needs since you’re traveling with your baby. They can also facilitate with your tours and sight-seeing arrangements.

Have fun!

Parents sometimes become too anxious that they tend to forget to enjoy. Babies tend to enjoy more if they see their parents are happy. Don’t worry too much, you and your little one will be fine.