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How To: Go to Travel Campaign 2022

By Guidable Writers Dec 19, 2022

Are you familiar with the “Go to Travel” campaign launched in 2020 by the Japanese government to promote tourism?

You will be happy to know that a new campaign – a better, improved version of the original one – has been started again this fall, thanks to the start of the administration of the fourth dose of the vaccine and COVID cases finally starting to curb down.

There are many news reports and articles about the Go To Travel Campaign available in Japanese, but on the other hand, navigating information in a different language and with many different points to take note of, it can be intimidating. 

So today, we have compiled this information on how to use the new Go To Travel Campaign, as well as explaining what you need to be careful about to make it as clear and straightforward as possible.

What you Need to Know about the Go To Travel Campaign in 2022

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The original “Go To Travel” is a campaign that was started in 2020 to boost internal tourism demand inside the country and to help the tourism and hotel industry recover after the severe setback caused by the spread of COVID 19.

It was then put on halt in 2021 when the number of COVID cases started rapidly rising in Japan as well. 

In substitution of the Go To Travel, a new and basically identical campaign restarted back in October this year: “Zenkoku Ryoko Shien” (全国旅行支援), The “National Travel Aid”.

The discount provided is equivalent to 40% of the travel price (per person, per night). The maximum discount applicable per person per night is 8,000 yen for travel packages that include transportation and 5,000 yen if transportation is not included upon reserving.

In addition, coupons that can be used locally will be issued upon check-in at the facility booked in advance for up to 10,000 yen of daily savings.

How To Use the New Go To Travel Campaign

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There are two main ways to use Go To 2.0:

(1) Make a reservation at an accommodation reservation site (OTA) and apply the coupon

(2) Make a reservation at a travel agency and have the discount applied at the store.

The easiest and most convenient option of the two mentioned above, which we will explain in detail, is to book your stay through an online travel agency. 

Visit one of the main Japanese booking platforms like Rakuten, Jalan, Ikkyu and follow these simple steps to secure your discounted stay.


First, get a discount coupon for the prefecture you want to visit.

Get a discount coupon for the prefecture you want to visit first on this page (for Rakuten Travel).

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Go to the desired prefecture page and find facilities eligible for coupons.

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Proceed to the reservation page, and select and apply the coupon directly on the reservation page.

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Image credits: Rakuten Travel Website


Your reservation is complete.

The discount coupons that you are eligible to receive (for a maximum of 3,000 yen or 1,000 per person per night, respectively on weekdays and weekends) can be collected directly at the facility you have booked upon check-in. They can be spent in local shops and restaurants that participate in the campaign. They are not refundable and any remaining balance cannot be inverted into cash.

Important Points to Consider before Travelling with Go to Travel in 2022

To be able to participate and enjoy the discount, upon check-in you will have to show proof of vaccination (three times) or of a negative PCR test. Failing to provide one of the two documents will result in losing the right to enjoy the discount of the campaign.

To Summarize: Go To Travel 2022

The Go To Travel 2.0 offers a great chance to travel around Japan and discover many new and unique places for a convenient price. 

Book your hotel in advance through an online travel agency such as Rakuten, Jalan, Ikkyu, prepare a copy of your vaccine passport or a negative PCR test result and you are ready to go. 

We hope that this guide will help you navigate the information a little easier to enjoy your next trip around the country.

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