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Develop Your Individuality. A New Type of High School Never Seen in Japan

By Guidable Writers Apr 28, 2020

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Once you finish your compulsory education, the school environment changes dramatically.

What we can and can’t do becomes clear after going through the same process.

Higher education is the same. If you go to a university preparatory school, you will take the university entrance exam.

If you go to a commercial high school, you will choose a vocational school or a job. That’s what high school education is like in Japan today.

There’s no need to worry if you “don’t know what to do in the future” or “don’t fit in well at your current school”.

We will support your individuality, the “thing you want to do”.

We would like to introduce you to Nihon Bunri Gakuin, which you can attend for 3 years in a new form of high school education.

The Five Promises of Nihon Bunri Gakuin High School

  1. It is guaranteed you will get a high school diploma.
  2. It is guaranteed you will find your dream.
  3. It is guaranteed you will discover your path.
  4. It is guaranteed you will find friends.
  5. It is guaranteed going to school will be fun.


At Nihon Bunri Gakuin, we have these five promises.

I would like to share with you how I have seen this promise being put into practice.


What Is It I Am Bad At?

In general, high school education requires students to work within a fixed curriculum.

Throughout the examinations, children of similar levels and dispositions have been assembled.

In fact, this is the premise on which classes and school life proceed.

Time moves on without you knowing where you are struggling, or without knowing what it is you don’t know.


Nihon Bunri Gakuin will not leave your weaknesses, struggles, or miscalculations as they are.


There Was a Period of Time When I Didn’t Go to School, So I’m Worried About My Studies


No need to worry. Nihon Bunri Gakuin offers “Basic of Basics” classes.


We’ll go over the basics of what you’ve learned so far. Go back again (to elementary school) and find out where you lost track and what kind of knowledge you need. If you don’t understand what you don’t understand, you can rely on us to show you the way. When you understand what you are studying, you will enjoy the class more and more. It is an important lesson that is essential in your path to finding yourself.


About the Refresh Room Facilities


Our “Refresh Room” is open for counseling and speaking from the heart.


Everyone has their own reasons for struggling, maybe problems outside of your education are hindering your studies. Or the troubles of studying are interfering with your life.


Some people go through a typical high school day without even realizing where their setbacks are.


If you have a problem, a friend, or something you’re worried about, or if you just want to talk about it, our resident professional counselors and school counselors will sit down with you and find a new solution.



Going to School in a Way that Fits You

There are two main courses at the Nihon Bunri Gakuin High School.

  • Regular Course (full-time course)
  • Regular Course (flex course)


You can choose between options for what time you want to go to school. This is the big difference between Nihon Bunri Gakuin and other schools.


“I want to put my heart and soul into sports”, “there are things I want to do outside of my studies”.

We value this feeling. We have a full day program (Monday-Friday), but for the students who “it’s not possible to attend classes in the morning for some reason”, “I just can’t come in every day”, “but I want to get my high school diploma…” we offer an afternoon in which students can concentrate on their studies. We also offer a three-day course where students can take classes three days a week to earn high school graduation credit. Classes are based on individualized instruction, so you can take your time at your own pace. One-on-one courses are also available. (It is also possible to change to a full day course throughout).

My House is Not in Tokyo, Can I Stay in the Dormitory?


Both men’s and women’s dormitories are fully prepared under the school’s cooperation. There is a supervisor in the dormitory. A staff member in our school is responsible for keeping in close contact with the dormitory supervisor, class teachers, assistant teachers, and guardians. In order to relieve the anxiety and loneliness of students living away from their families, we always try to look out for and keep a friendly eye on them.



You Can Do What You Really Want to Do (From a Todai Student to a Celebrity)

I want to go to university…


“It’s difficult at your current level”, “you need to aim a little lower”.

I remember this was said to me when I was in high school.

At Nihon Bunri Gakuin, that’s not going to happen. We’ll do our best to support your desire to go.

No matter what school you want to go to, we will support your determined challenge to go to university, right until the end.


In fact, many students do not just get a high school diploma but also go on to university. Some of them go on to Tokyo University or Keio University.

Students of Todai and others will support you as tutors.

Students currently enrolled in university will teach you. That kind of environment is hard to find.

Going to our school gives you the same learning equivalent as attending both school and cram school.

Of course, as a current student at close range, they may be able to understand what you don’t understand.

I talked to a student who came as a tutor.

He said, “Teaching others deepens my understanding of the teaching material”.

Both the teachers and students are highly motivated in their studies. It seems like an obvious thing, but in fact, it may not be so common in a normal high school. Such a small thing may make it possible for you to realize your future.

I Want to Challenge Many Things


Of course, at Nihon Bunri Gakuin, we support various things you want to do, not only university entrance but career paths too.

(Some of our graduates have even gone on to hosting the well-known year-end music event, Kohaku.)


The Possibilities of Free Choice Classes

Free choice classes are available in the afternoon! Of course, we will give our best support to students who want to do something other than studying.

In the “Free Choice Class”, experts and professionals from various fields will help you find what you really want to do, what you can immerse yourself in, and help you develop your talents. Instead of trying to fit in and do the same as those around you, let’s carve out your own path based on what you want to do. By shining a light that is unique to you, you will cultivate the ability to live in our rapidly changing society of the future.


(Course Example)

・English conversation with native speakers

  • Pastel shine art
  • Game Programming
  • Media creation using blogs and YouTube
  • Social Skills Training (SST)
  • Art activities
  • Many other special activities.

This is a pastel shine art made by one of our students.

If you like sports, join a futsal tournament!

Touring a courthouse

Touring a university’s medical school

Every year, Nihon Bunri Gakuin changes its events and colors according to the individuality of the students.

Tell us more about what you want to do!

Can I Transfer Schools?

Please feel free to consult with us about transferring schools. Many of the students who have entered high school have had to change their course of study due to various concerns, such as the school not being what they had envisioned, or not being able to find their place in the crowd. We do our best to help students find their true place in life. A tennyugaku (転入学) transfer is a transfer of a student currently enrolled in high school. A hennyugaku (編入学) transfer is when a student who has had to quit high school for some reason, re-enrolls with the credits earned at the time of their withdrawal. Based on a thorough understanding of each student’s feelings and personality, we give careful consideration to class formation and academic guidance so that students are not disadvantaged when they enter the school.