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Vegetable Delivery Box Services From Farms

By Margherita Sep 21, 2021

We can’t deny that fruit and vegetables in Japan – despite being quite expensive – are always yummy.  Spotless and shiny fruits and vegetables are displayed on supermarkets shelves in what look like real “fruit boutiques”, but in recent years a bigger and bigger slice of consumers are turning their attention to organic food, locally sourced fruits and vegs. More and more people are consciously trying to choose locally grown crops: dirty bumpy carrots over perfectly polished supermarket apples.

With an increasing demand for organic products and with the boom of home delivery services due to the limitations, a bunch of farms located in the outskirts of the capital have started selling the products of their crops online, mostly in the form of “veggie box” subscriptions, but some also offer membership-based programs or even “a la carte” menus. 

Vegetable Delivery Boxes You Need To Try

Here we have compiled some of the best vegetable box delivery services from farms available around Tokyo you can try.

Kasamatsu Farms

Kasamatsu Farms is a family-run organic farm based in the mountains outside of Tokyo where the two owners, Kaori and Byron practice regenerative agriculture and permaculture-style market gardening since 2012.

Through their website, you can choose your favorite vegetables a la carte from the seasonal selection or just opt for the more economical farmer’s select box, which comes in two sizes (4+ items and 7+ items) which vary depending on the season. For an extra you can also decide to add in some eggs from the free-range chickens they raise on the farm. And if you’re out of ideas for a birthday present you can buy a box for a friend or buy a gift card they can spend freely on any vegetable they like!

Base Side Farm

Base Side Farm offers a kale-only box delivery or their signature “fresh veggie set” in 2 different sizes: 80, which is ideal for 1 or 2 people and 100, ideal for 2 or 3 people. A shipping fee of 1,000 yen is not included but pick up directly from the farm can be arranged if you live around Fussa area in western Tokyo.

Oishimon Farm

Oishimon Farm based in Saitama Prefecture organically farmed vegetables since 2018. The Vegetable boxes come in four different sizes (S, M, L,) from single households to big families. There is a suitable box for everybody! Delivery can be arranged on Tuesday and Saturday and also a time slot can be specified upon submitting an order.

vegetable delivery box Ome Farm

Credit: Ome Farm

Ome Farm

Ome Farm vegetable delivery system works through a year membership program to CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), through which small organic farms are able to support themselves. At Ome Farm they don’t only grow vegetables but also practice apiculture: don’t miss the chance to try some of their very own raw honey, that is included in the periodical boxes sent to members but that can also be ordered, without membership, through their website whenever you feel like it.  

Organic Farm Suzuki

Organic Farm Suzuki motto, that has been driving their activity since 2013, is to grow healthy and delicious fruit and vegetables without using pesticides and while nurturing biodiversity, which nowadays is more and more in danger. Boxes come in three different sizes: S size for 1 or 2 people, M size for 2 or 3 people and L size perfect for a family of 3 or 4. The subscription plan is definitely the most convenient one, as the price of a single box gets lower. But if you still don’t know if you want to commit, get your hands on a trial set for 3000 yen. The website is in Japanese but you can send them an email through their contact form in English to have more details about how to book your veggie box. 

Find the Vegetable Delivery Box Service Right for You!

Try some of these vegetable boxes from different farms and choose the service and the size that fits your appetite and your liking the most. You will help to support local farmers and contribute to switching to a healthier way of farming.

Featured image credits: Unsplash


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