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5 Tips of White Day Magic in Japan

By Yae Mar 12, 2018

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Generally, in Europe or US, both guys and girls give chocolate or special gifts to each other to show their love for a special person on February 14th. We call that day St. Valentine’s Day. If you’re an expat in Japan, have you already experienced differences? Japanese people show their love to loved ones in a different way compared to other countries.

Here in Japan, normally girls give handmade chocolate or high-quality brand chocolate to guys that they like/love on the St. Valentine’s Day. Moreover, guys who get chocolate from girls need to give something in return for the gifts on March 14th, the day which we call “White Day”.

Did you know that White Day comes originally from Japan? For those who already got chocolates from Japanese girls on February 14th, let’s prepare for White Day coming on the next week. If you read this article, you’ll be totally ready for White Day. If you want your love to reach the special girl ( Japanese), don’t miss it!




1. Originally White Day was Known as a Marshmallow Day



Did you know that White Day was originally created by Japanese sweet company since the year 1978 March 14th? The company called Ishimuramanseido which is a long-established sweet shop in Fukuoka Prefecture suddenly came up with the following idea:


“It’s not fair that only guys get treats. How come girls can’t get any in return for Valentine’s Day? What if there will be a day for girls to get the treats back from guys?”


They created special sweet marshmallow as a return gift from guys to girls and named the special day “Marshmallow Day”.
So, why Japanese people started to call it a White Day lately? Let’s see, the answer is in the next chapter.



2. The Expansion of White Day 



After 7-8 years since Marshmallow Day was created, a Japanese department store asked Ishimuramanseido for more return gift options. They asked Ishimuramanseido to change the name from Marshmallow Day to White Day and the white came from the color of marshmallow.

This was also the chance for other food companies or clothing industries to expand their business. White Day became a habit for Japanese people.


3. White Day is the Chance for Girls to Succeed in Love



Japanese girls give chocolates to the special person on St. Valentine’s Day and say “Be my Valentine” to that person.
This special day is not only for married couples or the people who already have partners but also for the single girls who are looking for the one.

On White Day March 14th, guys must answer girls’ request. Even if the answer would be “Yes” or “No”, girls still get the answers without thinking forever.

What a nice day for shy Japanese guys and girls to have the special day like White Day to confess their love, don’t you think?


4. Are there any Suggestions for Courtesy Chocolate?



Since Japanese people have a sense of moral obligation, some girls give courtesy chocolates to the guys on St. Valentine’s Day. This mostly happens at work and some girls feel sorry not giving any chocolates or sweets if they work on the February 14th.
Even Japanese guys know already it’s only from obligatory thoughts, and they still feel the need to give something back on White Day.

It is generally said in Japan that guys need to give return gifts to girls worth 3 times as much as the gift they received. Way too expensive? Well, this fact has no source, but some Japanese people created this rule to show guys’ respect for girls.

It’s up to you if you believe this rule or not, but you may have good business relationships with women colleagues if you follow this unique rule at work.



5. Ranking for Return Gifts on White Day



For those who are wondering what kind of gifts girls would love on White Day, they can also refer to the following gifts ranking:



1. The Best Return Gifts: Courtesy Chocolate Ranking



If you receive chocolates from your female colleagues as courtesy chocolates, make sure to prepare something for them in return.
It’s better to choose food such as follows:


1. Cookies
Cookies always go down well as a gift, they are a well-loved snack. Make sure to choose a popular or famous brand of cookies.

2. Tea/Coffee
If girls love to drink tea or coffee while working, they can be happy from receiving a tasty, unique flavored tea.

3. Macaron
It’s quite challenging to choose these sweets but it’s also a popular choice. Normally not so many girls buy macaron for themselves, so they’ll be happy if they get them as a present.



2. The Best Return Gifts: True Love Chocolate Ranking



If you get chocolates from your wife, girlfriend or a person you love, let’s try to surprise them at a certain level such as follows:


1. Piece of jewelry
It doesn’t need to be very expensive, but all girls love jewelry, no matter what their age. A diamond solitaire necklace would be the perfect return gift.

2. Dinner date
All girls love or wish to have a romantic dinner date. Let’s reserve a table with nice view at the restaurant.

3. Flowers
If you want to surprise your girlfriend, bring her a bunch of roses, it’s going to be a great gesture! This already shows her that she is special to you.




Now you know how to treat girls on White Day in Japan.

Don’t forget about White Day March 14th, especially if your second half is a Japanese girl. It’s a must to remember the same as birthday or Christmas.

I wish all the guys out there good luck on your White Day coming soon!