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BORDERLESS HOUSE the Multicultural Share Community in Japan

By Alex Gray Oct 29, 2020

BORDERLESS HOUSE is a share house community that strives to create a multicultural environment in Japan. They promote cultural exchange with Japan and other countries all over the world. To do this, they ensure each house’s ratio is 50:50, half Japanese and half foreign residents. 

borderless house sharehouse in japan trial

Join BORDERLESS HOUSE, the biggest Multicultural Share Community in Japan

Living in Japan as a non-Japanese resident is difficult at times, but living in a place like BORDERLESS HOUSE means you can ask your Japanese housemates immediately for help. There are always people around to help you. And this is what makes BORDERLESS HOUSE special. BORDERLESS HOUSE is for people who want to make friends from all over the world, have fun, and get better at a language skill simultaneously. 

You are spoilt for choice as BORDERLESS HOUSE has 120 houses and over 10,000 tenants. They even have houses overseas in Korea and Taiwan; that’s how multicultural they are! Their houses are in great, convenient locations, and Tokyo houses are always within a 15-minute walk to the station. Shared rooms or private, small houses with 6 people or larger buildings with 30, we’re sure you can find the perfect home with BORDERLESS HOUSE. 


BORDERLESS HOUSE has four special programs for tenants to help build relationships and communication between residents.

Language Exchange

Get to know other residents and make friends while practicing your language skills. This is an online service that helps tenants connect and learn new language skills. Both 1 on 1 and group language exchanges are available, and because BORDERLESS HOUSE is so multinational, you can choose from many different languages.

Club Activities

Through Club Activities, residents can connect with other residents who have the same hobbies. You can enjoy both online and offline activities with residents of similar interests. Get together to enjoy your favorite pastime, share your own culture with a food party introducing your country’s cuisine, you are sure to find a club activity you want to join.

Borderless Mates Library

Through this service, you can search for a resident you are interested in connecting with. Maybe you share interests or want to know more about them or their country. Once you register, you can find someone from the large library of BORDERLESS HOUSE residents and connect with them online to learn from them and start a wonderful friendship.

This is a program that you can find great books = Mates that would be your perfect partners!

Borderless Travel

Although currently on hold and waiting for the COVID-19 travel restrictions to lift, Borderless Travel is an exceptional service for BORDERLESS residents who love to travel. Tenants can stay at BORDERLESS HOUSES around the world (Japan, Korea, Taiwan) for free from 1 week up to 1 month! A free house exchange! The moving fee is free, and you can even stay longer for a discounted price if you wish. Or just meet up with residents from houses overseas and explore the area with an insider, a local who knows all the best secret spots!

Find out more about the BORDERLESS MATES PROGRAMS on the homepage here.

Summer Free Trial Stay Campaign: Stay Rent-Free For Up to Two Months

borderless house sharehouse in japan trial

With the trial campaign, you can stay at BORDERLESS HOUSE rent-free for up to two months and get a taste of what it’s like living there! Maybe you want to have a change of scenery or want to take a test run of living in a share house, this is your chance!

If staying for a month, all you need to pay are initial fees and 2-month monthly utilities. The initial fee is ¥35,000 (including 50% off key money ¥15,000 and deposit ¥20,000) and utility fees are between ¥7000 and ¥12000 per month depending on the room of your choice (The deposit is partially refundable when moving out as long as your stay is more than 2 months).

We know it’s hard to have a social life and meet friends now during the pandemic, so why not stay safe at home in a new environment while meeting new friends and people?

You can join this trial if:
●You are a non-Japanese resident currently living in Japan
●Move in before January 31st, 2022
●Can stay the minimum period of 2-months
●Short-term Stay is welcome! (No lock-in contract)

Check out the campaign page for more information.

Live at BORDERLESS HOUSE, the biggest Multicultural Share Community in Japan

Are you looking for a new place to live? Why not move to a BORDERLESS HOUSE share house and enjoy an international, multicultural experience? Make new friends with people from all over the world, learn about Japanese customs, and get help with daily Japanese life from your Japanese roommate! BORDERLESS HOUSE provides services and programs for tenants, unlike any other seen at other share houses to make your life convenient, fun, and knowledgeable. You will not find as many ways to connect with other residents from all houses as you will at BORDERLESS HOUSE.
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