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【Recruiting】Guidable Ambassador Wanted!

By Guidable Writers Jan 29, 2019

Guidable Ambassador Wanted

Guidable Inc, which has released numerous services for foreigners in Japan, is now looking for new Guidable Ambassadors.

Would you like to work as an ambassador for “Guidable” service for foreigners in Japan?

Specifically, we are looking for new staff who can think about strategies to acquire new users.

No previous interns experience needed!

Telework is accepted- you can work on your own pace!

By becoming a Guidable Ambassador, you will have an opportunity to enrich your experience in Japan.



“How is it like working in Japan?”

“I do not understand something about marketing but it looks interesting!”

If you want to skill up in Japan, please apply!

  • Interested in the inbound industry
  • Want to meet foreigners from different countries
  • Want to start a new challenge
  • Want to work at home

If you are interested, please apply.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

If you are interested, please message us and we will give you more detail about the job including the wage.


Application form is here. OR send an email to campaign@guidable.co.jp