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English-Speaking Gas and Electricity Utilities in Japan That Can Actually Save You Money! 

By Alex Gray Jul 25, 2022

When living in Japan, the biggest problems when using new gas and electricity services are the language barrier and money! Have you ever felt uneasy about communicating in Japanese before applying for such services or thought the fees for using these services are unclear? I’ve felt this way before – there’s just so much paperwork.

Don’t Have Time? Don’t Understand Japanese? Want an Easy Registration? The Electricity and Gas Service to Solve Such Problems

The rising cost of living due to the ongoing recession is a concerning issue for Japanese residents and creates a need to choose a public electricity and gas service you can use with peace of mind. Most of us are working, studying, or raising children and are too busy to spend time on complex application procedures. So why not solve that problem with Hinatao Energy, a company offering excellent English support?

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(Finally) Understand Everything About the Utility Bill Process [Full English Support]

Contracts for public electricity and gas bills are essential for daily life, but the procedures seem complicated, which can cause you general unease. Especially if you are considering continuous use of the service, you want to sign a contract with a service provider that allows you to fully understand the contents and ask questions immediately when you have questions. With Hinatao Energy, however, full English-language support is available, so you don’t have to worry about ambiguous contracts.

Adaptable to Life Transitions [No Minimum Contract Period, Switching Support]

Life in a foreign country can be very transient compared to your home country, with people entering Japan, moving, and returning to their home country. With these changes comes the need to switch utility electricity and gas rates.

Currently, Hinatao Energy provides switching support even if you are using another electricity or gas company – they will help you make the switch. There is no minimum contract period after switching, so you can sign a contract without worrying if you have not yet decided how long you will stay in Japan or if you are planning to move.

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Renewals, Cancellation, and Troubleshooting Support [Online Applications Available Online – And No Installation Required]

Are you concerned about problems with renewal or cancellation? Usually, cancellation requires construction to remove the old device and installation of the new device upon renewal. But with Hinatao Energy, you can start using the service anytime without installing new devices or other such procedures. The first application can be made simply by filling out an online web form.

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Are There Any Initial or Cancellation Fees? Not if You’re Looking To Save Money With Hinatao Energy! 

Get the most out of your utilities with Hinatao Energy because there are:

1) No cancellation fees 

2) No minimum contract periods 

3) No registration fees 

⇨ If you are worried about your utility bills piling up, and want to save money, now is the time to apply! Don’t miss out on their current cheap services! Just in time for summer. 

Save on Fees You Don’t Have to Pay!

You may be thinking; that if the support system is so good, surely there are high cancellation fees, contract length restrictions, and registration fees. But that’s not the case. Actually, you can register without unnecessary costs – perfect if you are using the service to save money. What’s more, you can even save money on your electricity bill by changing electricity providers in the long run. Check the service plans here!


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How to Apply For Gas & Electricity With Hinatao Energy

You can easily apply online through the Hinatao Energy website.

Pick a Plan, See if It’s Available in Your Location, and Sign Up Right Away!

You can check service features and electricity conservation rates on the site, compare services by intended use and fee, and see rates at a glance to efficiently choose the best plan and register. They’re always open for inquiries; if you live in Japan, we highly recommend contacting them! If you like it, share it with your friends!

Hinatao energy easy signup

Image credits: Hinatao Energy 

Save Money on Gas and Electricity Utilities With Hinatao Energy!

Applying for services and utilities is one of the biggest headaches you can face in Japan when you first move in or are trying to relocate. Even after being in Japan for years and having a grasp of the language, it can take some time to cypher through confusing contracts and paperwork.

Having support in English helps speed up that process – just what Hinatao Energy aims to do. If you are looking to move to Japan or change accommodation within the country, Hinatao Energy is the service provider for you. 

And it’s not overly expensive either, like many services aimed at non-Japanese residents. Not only do you get English-language support, but you can save money too

If you’ve been concerned about problems cancelling or renewing your contract, you can also make the most of their flexibility. Hinatao Energy is the perfect public electricity and gas service for non-Japanese residents living in Japan. Visit the website for more information, or click on the banner below.

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