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Are You Ready to Enjoy Your Last Day in Japan Sightseeing with Hi5 Luggage Service?

By Guidable Writers Oct 18, 2018

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve traveled, you took a lot of luggage and so haven’t been able to enjoy the last day of your trip because the suitcases weighed a lot? Because that’s exactly what happens to me many times when I’m traveling. The last time this happened to me was when I was traveling to Japan, and, of course, Japan is a place you want to enjoy right until the last moment. So this time I wondered wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way I could take care of my suitcases while I enjoy my last day of travel without worrying about carrying my luggage. It was at that point I searched on the Internet and found Hi5 company.


What is Hi5?


Hi5 takes care of your luggage from your accommodation to let you enjoy that last day of travel, commonly not enjoyed because of your luggage burden. This company provides luggage pickup service from 23 Tokyo wards and luggage dropoff at Haneda International Airport. In principle it may look like that all of this would be very difficult to do, messy, it may take a while and even be expensive, but it is not like that at all! The truth is that it is a fairly easy, simple process that takes little time and is not expensive at all.


Where Do I Start?

The first step to a luggage-free worry-free last day of travel is using one of these apps to contact Hi5: “Wechat” or “LINE” (there is a QR code and ID available at website to make the process more accessible). After that, the company will ask for some details from you, and will offer you a quote. Thirdly, you should book their luggage service before 6pm the day before you require them to pick the suitcases up. You should keep in mind that Hi5 will pick up the suitcases from your accommodation, so you will not even need to move from your place. And finally, you can pick up your luggage between 8pm and 11pm at Haneda Airport the departure day, (or Narita for an extra fee). Of course, if you need to pick your luggage up sooner or later, Hi5 is open to discuss the details and they will always try to accommodate you.


But… what about the price and the payment?

Regarding the prices, customers are allowed to store up to 5 suitcases. The first one costs ¥2000 (around $17,58 and 15,24€) and each extra suitcase costs ¥1500 (around $13,19 and 11,43€). The payment method it is as simple as you can use PayPal. For those who do not know PayPal or know it but do not trust payments online, allow me to share with you that PayPal is a simple and safe online payment method used all over the world and in more and more stores every day. First, you have to create an account and securely link your bank account and/or your credit card; after that, you just need your e-mail and your password to make your luggage reservation! Now is not the time to go into details about PayPal, but it is known they take the security of your money very seriously so it’s very secure!


So Quick and Easy!


This time I spent two weeks in Japan, but it was not until the third-to-last day that I decided to look for this kind of service. When I found Hi5, I read the information on the website carefully, I contacted them using LINE and the communication was very fast, easy and fluent. Before I realized, they were picking up my luggage at my hotel and I could enjoy the last day of my trip with no luggage in Japan! Thanks to Hi5 I was able to enjoy Nikko on my last day of travel, World Heritage place and one of the most important Buddhist locations in the country.



If you are history lover, you definitely should visit Taiyuin-byo, which is the mausoleum of Iemitsu, grandchildren of Ieyasu, Shogun of clan Tokugawa. This sanctuary is built inside a forest of Japanese cedars trees, where a beautiful setting is made in combination with Niomon gate, its guardians and corridors with dozens of lanterns donated by the daimyo (clan lord). Near to this place, there are more temple sightseeing sports, such as Futarasan and Toshogu (Ieyasu mausoleum). By the way, if you want a funny picture, when you are visiting Toshogu, I suggest you go to the Shinyosha and see the wooden sculpture of the three wise monkeys (known as the monkeys that can not hear, speak or see).



After spending some time here, I bought some bento and went to Shinkyo bridge, the sacred red bridge of Nikko.



I sat in a spot close to the bridge where I could appreciate the view, something that I highly recommend because the contrast between the intense red color of the bridge with the forest green, the sky blue and the murmur of the river is really a gift for the senses, good way to end a trip, don’t you think?


Time To Go To The Airport Already…


Satisfied with my lunch and last morning of sightseeing, I made my way to the airport. Once at the airport I followed the signs to the Domestic Terminal shuttle bus stop. It was well signposted and east to find, no problems there.



I headed to the pickup point near the Koban (police box) situated outside the shuttle bus stop. I looked for the Hi5 logo on the car and found it a short walk down from shuttle bus. Ms Tanabe confirmed my details and handed over my luggage with a smile. Success!



Now off to my final destination, I hope to be back again soon!


Throughout my last day in Japan it was very strange for me not to carry my luggage with me and several times I thought “I have to go for my luggage” or “where have I left my suitcases?”, but then, suddenly I remembered that I had used Hi5 services so I would not have to worry and be able to enjoy my last day of travel peacefully just as I was doing at that moment. This time I went to Nikko but without heavy luggage, but if I wanted to go mountain climbing on the final day I could climb the highest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji or go skiing in Yuzawa. Or in Autumn, I could enjoy autumn leaves and hot springs in Hakone or Atami! So many possibilities!

I am happy not to have missed a day of travel, not having to carry the heavy luggage all day, not to have finished as tired as usual and, above all, I am very happy to have found and hired the Hi5 services.

To spend your last day in Japan luggage-free, check out the Hi5 website here: