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Enjoy Online Shopping With J Trust Global Card: Exclusive Japanese Credit Card for Foreigners, Easy Screening Process!

By Guidable Writers Apr 28, 2020

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The new coronavirus, COVID-19, has spread all over the world. In Japan, despite not having a lockdown as seen in other countries, people are being required to not go out unless needed – that means work that cannot be done from home, going to the doctor, and essential shopping a few times a week (Tokyo governor is suggesting 3 times per week, at most). As a result, many companies are doing business online, schools are closed, and even some medical consultations are being done online, so people do not need to go see the doctor in person. An unprecedented situation to most people, we’d say.

With almost every store closed, shopping online is the new norm. However, shopping online without a credit card can be tiring – especially now, when stocks are limited and who gets the product is the faster one to proceed to checkout. Also, shopping online without a credit card, using COD or payment at a convenience store means you have to pay for additional fees per transaction. Not ideal.

You may be thinking: “I want to shop online in Japan, but I don’t know how to get a Japanese credit card”. Well, we may have a solution for you.

Need a Credit Card in Japan? Try the Japanese Credit Card for Foreigners: J Trust Global Card

The Age of Cashless: Earlier Than We Thought!

Cashless culture in Japan received a boost last year, with the government encouraging citizens and residents to use payment apps, credit, and debit cards. The campaign has brought results, with many local stores now – finally – accepting these “technological” payment methods.

Social distancing is fundamental, but we still need to shop for groceries (at least!)

But nothing has been stronger than the boost that this pandemic has given to cashless culture in Japan. With social distancing being the current norm, consumer behavior has changed as well. Now, going to the supermarket has become a challenge: it is crowded, and social distancing is not working there. Most stores are closed, and now that spring is here and we need to update our wardrobe, the only options available are online. Staying at home has made people order more food delivery than ever, and with social distancing, to protect the delivery guy and us, it’s better to avoid paying in cash.

Fortunately, most of all shopping can be done online nowadays. Even your weekly grocery shopping can be done online: Life, Aeon, Ito Yokado, and other major supermarket chains offer online grocery shopping for your convenience. 7-eleven convenience stores also offer online shopping options – you purchase everything online and just show up at the store of your choice for pick-up.

For clothing, Uniqlo, GU, GAP, and other big companies have their own website. You can also try ZOZOTOWN, where you can shop from many Japanese fashion brands in one place.

Last but not least, you can support local restaurants by ordering delivery food from Uber eats. DEMAE-CAN is also a good website for ordering food, but with less options and it is in Japanese only.

It is important to mention that for grocery shopping online, currently, you need to be fast. With many people using the same service at the same time, it is not surprising that some items might be out of stock by the time you proceed to check out. If you don’t have a credit card, that may delay the process, and maybe some of the items you wanted will be out of stock.

There is another reason why paying with a credit card is better when online shopping.

Making payments online: save money by using a credit card

As you can see, online purchases of many products and services have become mainstream – the pandemic has forced us to use cashless payments methods earlier than we thought it would be necessary. When purchasing online, the only payment method that is accepted universally is CREDIT CARD.

Depending on the website, there are other options available if you don’t have a credit card. The downsides of these other options are:
1) the additional service fee you have to pay
2) having to go out to pay the bill
3) (in case you are using COD) you need to meet the delivery guy to handle him the money

Maybe the biggest one is number 1. You will have to pay a fee of around 330 yen per purchase made, as a payment fee. You can avoid it if you are using a credit card.

Contamination by paper money? Avoid it.

Paper money is not known for being the most hygienic object you touch. Scientists believe that COVID-19 virus can survive on paper for at least 24 hours.

Not that paper money is a major source of contamination, but if it can be avoided, why not?

If you really need to go shopping outside, using a credit card can help to avoid touching money. At many stores, you can operate the card machine by yourself, so not even the clerk will touch your credit card.

Applying for a Credit Card in Japan: An Almost Impossible Mission… Made Possible with J Trust Global Card!

If you have ever tried to apply to a Japanese credit card, you probably have the experience of receiving an application rejection letter, without much explanation of why.

That is very frustrating. After trying a few companies and being rejected by them, it is hard to keep trying. If that is your case, or if you do not want to go through this, J TRUST Global Card is the right option for you.

J TRUST Global Card is a deposit-base credit card that is exclusive for foreigners living in Japan. It is easy to apply and to pass the credit evaluation, and you do not need to have a bank account.

To apply, simply visit their website and fill the form. It is available in 8 languages, including Tagalog. Everything is thought and done to make your life easier in Japan!

Easy to apply. Simple to pay.

You only need the following documents to apply to J TRUST Global Card:
● Residence card (zairyuu card)

And one of the following:

● Health Insurance Card
● Certificate of Residence (juminhyo)
● My Number Card 

It is important that both documents have your correct address, updated.

You do not need a bank account to apply.

Every month you will receive an invoice, and that is all you need to have your credit card to be paid. Instead of going outside many times during the month, you can purchase all you need online, and then make one payment once a month of all our purchases.

Steps to Get Your J Trust Global Card

First, click on the link below to access J TRUST Global Card website.

On the top page, click on “APPLY”. Here you can choose to apply in Japanese, English, Chinese, Tagalog, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, or Indonesian.

You need to have a digital copy of the necessary documents, as you will have to upload them during the application process. Remember to have them ready before starting to apply!

After accepting terms and conditions, another page will open. Here you will input your personal, valid e-mail address. A unique application URL will be sent to this e-mail address. This is a personal URL that can be used for one application only – do not share it with your friends! This URL is valid for 14 days only.

That is security!!!

The real application process starts when you access the URL sent to your e-mail address. All instructions on how to apply are available on this link.

Since J TRUST Global Card is a deposit-based credit card, you will need to decide the amount of the deposit you want to make. The deposit amount is paid when you receive the credit card, and it determines how much is your credit limit. This deposit is refundable when you cancel the credit card, but it cannot be used as a payment.

How am I going to receive my card?

Your card will be delivered to your door, the address registered on your application, and matches to the one on your documents. The deposit fee must be paid COD, and you will be able to use your card very soon after receiving it! 

Improving Your Life in Japan With the Japanese Credit Card for Foreigners, J Trust Global Card

These are hard times to be away from home. We are all worried about ourselves, our families and friends. But to be anxious every day at home will not change the situation.

Times like these are perfect for you to start improving your lifestyle in Japan. Currently, we cannot go outside and meet people, but you can use your time at home to research how to be more integrated to the local society. You can find Facebook, or other SNS, groups of people from the same country as you, and get together online to support each other. And you should challenge yourself trying to shop online in Japan: not only it is safer for you during social distancing, but it also is a great contribution you can make to the local society.

We know that having a local credit card while living abroad is not an easy mission. This is not only the case in Japan – most companies in almost every country are reluctant to give credit to foreigners.

That is why it is so important for us to introduce you a company that is foreign-friendly. You will not waste your time with applications that will not be accepted if you use J TRUST Global Card. Also, since you are the one who chooses how much your credit card limit will be, there will not be any invoice surprises. Generally, credit cards have a high limit, that many times is higher than our own salary, and that is a risk if you are really into shopping.

Also, since you do not need to leave home to apply to J TRUST Global Card, you are contributing to social distancing from the very moment you decide to apply to it!

You can give it a try and cancel it any time, if you did not enjoy using it.

We have also written previously about J TRUST Global Card here.

Hit this article if you want more detailed information about it. If you have any questions, J TRUST Global Card website has a great FAQ session, and they also have support available in 8 languages. Do not hesitate in asking them any questions.

Happy online shopping life with J TRUST Global Card!


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