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How to Be Connected and Use Your Smartphone in Japan with Mobal

By Guidable Writers Oct 16, 2018

In our daily life we use the phone for different reasons: to call, to update social networks, to find an address or to simply find information.

When going on a trip to Japan the importance of the smartphone increases even more because it could be very difficult to understand how to move around without a browser, or maybe you need a translator, or to communicate with home. Using your international SIM Card in Japan could become very expensive due to high international rates, so it is better to buy a local SIM card.



Where Should I Start?



SIM card company Mobal has been helping travelers connect with their family since 1989. They know about traveling in Japan and how being able to use your data can help. Mobal have extensive English support and with offices in Japan, the US and the UK, you can even consult with Mobal staff before you leave for Japan. They offer two different SIM cards; the Japan Unlimited SIM and the Data Only SIM, so you can choose depending on your needs.

The founder, Tony Smith was a fellow traveler but always faced problems when getting in touch with his family while on the road and so he created Mobal as a way to keep connected through his travels. His international phone service was a success and so he worked to create an opportunity to give something back. After traveling to Malawi, Africa in 1992 he became concerned about the inequalities of our world. So he established a number of charities with a desire to make a difference. In February 2016, he set up a registered Japanese non-profit organization called Seibo with the aim of feeding every hungry child in the world with a hot meal in school!

Tony is Founder of both Seibo and Mobal, and he guarantees that the majority of profits of Mobal go to its charities. Buying a product from Mobal, you won’t only be able to use your smartphone in Japan and stay connected, but you also contribute to making the world a better place.


Which SIM Card to Buy? Different Types According to Your Style



Using a Japanese SIM Card in favor of your international one allows you to stay connected and to continue to use your phone in Japan without incurring exorbitant rates.
There are several solutions for renting a Japanese SIM card, the common options being a data only SIM for those who just need an internet connection or a local SIM card with a Japanese phone number that also allows you to make calls. Mobal offers both of these options.

The Mobal Data Only SIM has a validity period of one month, or up until the data limit. This type of SIM Card is the favorite among young people who are accustomed to surfing the net and using apps that require Internet connection for phone calls such as Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp, and Line. It is convenient for those who often want to update their social networks and use the Internet anytime and anywhere to search for information, consult maps and language help.
The Data Only SIM available is 3GB for 3,490 yen or 10 GB for 5,990 yen.

The Japan Unlimited SIM comes with a Japanese number that allows cellular calls comes at the excellent cost of 3,000 yen plus the monthly plan costs. This SIM has no cancellation costs and there are no long contracts to sign, payment can be completed by an international credit card. This is the ideal solution for those who want to have a Japanese phone number or are going to stay in Japan for a long time.


How to Order the Mobal SIM Card



Buying the Mobal SIM is very simple and can be done from the comfort of your own home before departure.

After having searched between the available options on the Mobal site, I selected the 3GB SIM card, and indicated the day of my arrival at Narita airport. I could also choose the terminal and office for pick-up most convenient for me, that was the JTB desk in the Information Office of Terminal 1. I entered my personal information and paid by credit card, and in a few minutes, I received the booking confirmation email.

It was also possible to have the SIM directly sent to my home in 5-15 days, thanks to the worldwide free shipping service. Express shipments are also available for the USA and the UK at a small cost.

The Mobal SIMs are available in different sizes (standard, mini, micro) and can be used in any unblocked device. Their SIM offers a 4GB LTE service with the Softbank operator, guaranteeing speed coverage anywhere! The hotspot service is also available so that you can also share the connection with other people.


My Journey With Mobal



Once at the airport, it was really easy to find the Information Office. I found it on the 1st floor of the Central Building in Narita’s Terminal 1 building. All is looking good so far. My next step was to collect the SIM card!



The SIM card pickup was very simple and fast: I showed the confirmation email to the JTB desk, received the SIM card ordered, and was I able to insert it immediately into my phone. What could be easier than that?



After filling in some quick information, the SIM card is active and immediately ready for use!



A quick round of messages to relatives and friends to inform them about my arrival in Japan and thanks to the fast connection, I could immediately look for the best solution to reach Tokyo from the airport.



Time to go down to the station floor, check the train and go! Now I’m ready to post the story of my trip on my Social Networking sites!

To find out more about Mobal SIM Cards and to order one of your own feel free to check out our link here: