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Work your brain and legs with: TOKYO METRO – THE UNDERGROUND MYSTERIES GAME!

By Nam Chi Aug 29, 2018

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Have you ever felt like you have run out of places to visit in Tokyo? How about a whole new perspective on this metropolis, and experience it like never before?

This October gather your friends and try the 2018 Tokyo Metro – Underground Mysteries Game!

What is it?

Japan has always been famous for great entertaining services, from karaoke, pet coffee shops to game centers. But the Tokyo Metro Underground Mysteries Game is unlike the usual entertainments. Created by the Tokyo Metro in collaboration with SCRAP Co., Ltd., this game offers you a chance to join a puzzle-solving event that guides you through many beautiful metro stations in Tokyo.

As residents of Japan, we all are familiar with its modern and convenient underground train system, but few notices the details and differences of each station. The Underground Mysteries Game will make you pay attention to stations you pass by and realize how meticulously the Japanese people have built them.

The game for this year operates from October 1st 2018 to January 31st  2019. For a taste of this exciting game, you must purchase the game kit and play in this period. After January 31st, the game kit will no longer be sold, and the game’s website will also close.

Where to buy the game kit?

The Underground Mysteries Game comes in a game kit. This kit is a file holder that keeps all the factors to solve puzzles along your journey, including a main booklet that guide you step by step. Each puzzle solved, and each answer submitted will lead you to a new destination.

2017 Game Kit

2016 Game Kit

The 2018 Tokyo Metro – Underground Mysteries game kits come in two languages: English and Japanese. They will be sold every day from 7:40AM to 8:00PM, starting October 1st at the following spots:

  • Ueno Station’s Tokyo Metro Pass office
  • Tokyo Station’s Tokyo Metro Pass office
  • Shinjuku Station’s Tokyo Metro Pass office
  • Kita-senju Station’s Tokyo Metro Pass office

Website for detailed positions of the Metro Pass office in each station:

*Important Note: the English game kit will only be sold at Ueno Station on all days, and at Tokyo Station and Kita-senju Station on weekends from 9:30AM to 2:00PM.

Besides the clues, the game kit will also consist of a 1-day Tokyo Metro Train Pass. This will look like an IC Card (Suica or Pasmo card) that we often use to commute. The 2018 kit’s total price is 2,200JPY.

This does not mean each player participated will have to pay 2,200JPY. You can always go in groups, since many brains are much more useful than one! An economical way to play is to only purchase 1 game kit for clues and instructions.  The other players can each buy a 1-day Tokyo Metro Ticket at the ticket machines in any Tokyo Metro stations! This ticket costs 600JPY.

How to play?

The goal of the game is to reach a final station and find out the last keyword to submit it to the Tokyo Metro Underground Mysteries website. The game requires you to constantly going on the website to input keywords and to look for suggestions/extra clues given online. So, remember to bring along your fully-charged smartphones with 3G/4G data.

2018 Tokyo Mysteries Game official website:

Keep in mind that solving the final question and submitting it correctly does not win you any tangible prizes. The meaning of this puzzle game is to give you a good time getting to know all corners of Tokyo as well as challenging your intelligence for a day! Instead of going to the movies or dining out, this game can be a whole new experience for those who look for fun in Tokyo.


  • Which lines are the Tokyo Metro lines?

Tokyo Metro lines are those that has the symbol of an alphabet letter in a circle. For example, the Marunouchi line’s symbol is an M in a red circle, or the Chiyoda line is a C in a green circle. These lines are the ones you will go back and forth on to play this game. And your train pass provided in the game kit as well as the 1-day Tokyo Metro ticket can only be used for these lines. Do not worry, because in center Tokyo, these lines are designed densely so they can cover almost all spots!

  • Practice solving at the Tokyo Metro Mysteries Website to get your brain used to the game

If you are afraid that the puzzles might be too difficult, you can prepare yourself by familiarizing yourself with the website’s practice puzzles! These come with hints for you to understand the way these questions work.

Always try to think out of the box and collaborate with other players you meet on the way (if they are willing to)! Going on events like these can help you make some awesome new friends!

  • Wear trainers and pack your pens!

The speed to go through the whole game vary from player to player, some take only 5-6 hours, but some can take a whole day to finish it. However, all players must go from place to place to pick up clues, so you should dress comfortably.

Remember to bring a pen and some scrap paper to brainstorm. Although the game kit comes with a short ballpen, if you go in groups, each of the player in your group might need some paper space to think better!

  • Have fun and keep safe!

This game is meant for a good time, so make sure to stop here and there to take some photos or pick up a special snack! Even if you can not solve the puzzle, it is still a very nice day-out so don’t for get to enjoy yourself. Most importantly, pay attention when you walk in the stations to keep you and others safe!

The Tokyo Metro Map:

Nam Chi / Vietnam