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How to Enjoy Illuminated Cherry-blossoms at Night?

By Yae Mar 17, 2018

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Pretty soon the cherry-blossoms viewing party season will start. We call this event “Hanami” in Japanese.
For those who are big fans of cherry-blossoms, you all may be excited to see the stunning cherry-blossoms blooming all over Japan.
It’s very nice to enjoy Hanami in the daytime but did you know that you can also enjoy it at night time as well?

This article will tell you how to enjoy Hanami at night time in Japan.
If you’re too busy with work even on the weekend and you’re having a hard time to take a day off or take a break even for a few hours, don’t worry.
You can enjoy the view on the way back home from work.



1. Attractive Points of Illuminated Cherry-blossoms at Night



Many of you may be concerned about it getting too dark to see anything at night time and that it makes no sense for Hanami.
However, Japanese people love cherry-blossoms and they’re well organized for people to enjoy Hanami all day from morning till the late night during the Hanami season every year.

Here are the attractive points of illuminated cherry-blossoms you can bear in mind.


1. Dream-like atmosphere



Since Japan is a safe country where people can walk around safely at night time, many Japanese people enjoy the view of illuminated cherry-blossoms at the night time.

The scale of the illumination is as high as at the Christmas time. Those illuminated cherry-blossoms give away a dream-like atmosphere.
You can feel as if you’re standing at some art gallery.


2. You can enjoy Japanese beauty in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere



Imagine if you’re at an art gallery, enjoying the beautiful piece of art.
Illuminated cherry-blossoms are just like one of those amazing pieces of art. The advantage of viewing the illuminated cherry-blossoms at night time is that you can watch them in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.
Even if other people are there, most of them won’t talk and enjoy the illuminated view quietly.

If you’re on the way back home from work and suddenly you notice a bunch of illuminated cherry-blossoms in front of you, wouldn’t you feel like you’re being healed from the hectic work?
Illuminated cherry-blossoms at night have the power to re-energize you.


2.Even if its Spring, it Still Feels Pretty Cold at the Nighttime



Even you feel warm in a daytime, it’s still cold in the morning and night (in the spring season).
If you’re planning to go out to see the illumination at the night time, don’t forget to make yourself warm enough before you leave home.

Take some jacket and put on a scarf to prevent you from catching a cold. Also, if you carry a small size thermos with hot wine or hot tea inside, you can warm up quickly while enjoying night Hanami.



3. Recommended Spots for Illuminated Cherry-blossoms in Tokyo



Where can you find the best spots to enjoy the illuminated cherry-blossoms in Tokyo? For those who don’t want to travel for a long time by train and just want to stop by quickly, there are some recommended spots just for you.
The term and the date change every year since it all depends on the weather for the illuminated cherry-blossoms, so if you find the spot that may attract you, check the website constantly for the information (for 2018).


1. Illuminated cherry-blossoms at Tokyo Midtown



This is one of the famous and popular Hanami spots in Tokyo. It’s very convenient because of its location (close to the Roppongi station) and easy access.
You can walk along the beautiful pink illuminated row of cherry-blossom trees at the night time.


The nearest Station: Roppongi Station
Subway: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
Exit: walk about 2 minutes directly the through underground passage from Roppongi Station

Always free!



2. Illuminated cherry-blossoms at the Ueno Park



This is one of the major spots for Tokyo tour guide. Not only famous for zoo, museums or shopping but also popular for Hanami.
Many people are coming to Ueno Park every spring to view the cherry-blossoms from the early morning till the evening.
It’s very convenient that its open until 23:00 pm so even if you finished your work late, you still can enjoy the illuminated cherry-blossoms view.


The nearest Station: Ueno Station
Train: JR Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line
Subway: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hibiya Line
Exit: walk about 5 minutes from Park Exit

Always free!


3. Illuminated cherry-blossoms at Chidorigafuchi



This is a famous and popular spot where people can enjoy about 260 cherry-blossom trees. The reason why people feel about this place being special is that people can walk along the tunnel of cherry-blossom trees. It’s beautiful in a day time but also has a stunning illuminated view at night time.

The nearest Station: Kudanshita Station
Subway: Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line
Exit: walk about 5 minutes from Exit 2

Always free!




There are some spots with an easy access to trains in Tokyo mentioned above. If you’re living in Tokyo and sometimes feel tired of city life, being surrounded by tall buildings all the time, there are many spots for you to visit and relax.

Don’t miss your chance to see the illuminated cherry-blossoms in Japan!