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2 Ways to Enjoy Golden Week Reasonably in Japan

By Yae May 5, 2018

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Golden Week Holiday is coming up soon but have you already decided your plan? If you can take 2 days off for both May 1st and 2nd, you can enjoy Golden Week this year 2018 for a total of 9 days from April 28th to May 6th.
Generally, the weather in May is warm and there are lots of sunny days in Japan, so it is perfect for spending time outside.
However, some of you might want to save money and prefer to enjoy your holiday without breaking the bank!

Are you wondering if there are any recommended low-cost plans for Golden Week in Japan? Check this article!


1.Japanese House Exhibition in Golden Week



Are you planning to have your own home-sweet-home in Japan or are you planning your dream house? Seeing is believing and a Japanese house exhibition would be a perfect opportunity to freshen up your imagination. If you already are a home-owner, it’s also good to look around and get new renovation ideas.
Did you know there are a large number of visitors going to house exhibitions during Golden Week?

Here is some house exhibition information to help you enjoy Golden Week:


1.Housquare Yokohama @Yokohama



Housquare Yokohama allows viewers to see more than 20 different new model houses. There are many types of houses such as follows:

・Two-family housing
・Low-mobility friendly housing
・Energy-saving housing
・Three-story housing
・Imported housing
・Rooftop housing
・Housing with elevator

You can walk around and see new types of Japanese housing. Do you have a dog and find it difficult to leave them at home? Don’t worry, Housquare Yokohama has dog run space (1,500-yen fee) so you can take your dogs with you too.


Address:1-4-1, Nakagawa, Tsuzukiku, Yokohama city,224-0001
Train: Yokohama Municipal Subway “Nakagawa Station” 2 min walk from the station.
Car: 200 parking spaces available. 400 yen/hour and 200 yen/every half hours


2. Tokyo Shinjuku Housing Exhibition @ Shinjuku



More than 10 different types of house are available at Tokyo Shinjuku Housing Exhibition. Not only new model viewing, but there are some free fun events too:

・Free green tea ceremony
・Free car wash
・Free making Kashiwamochi (oak leaf rice cake made from Japanese mochi and a red bean paste filling, wrapped with an oak leaf)
・Free travel fee (for up to 30,000 yen) lottery if you buy your new home

These free events are held on specific dates, so we recommend you check the website before you go.


Address:4-36, Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023
Train: Keio New Line “Hatsudai Station” and 6 min walk from East exit.
Car: Free parking is available


2.Clam Digging



Have you ever tried eating clams in Japan? Some of you may have only tried them at a sushi restaurant but there is a famous and popular event called “Clam digging” in Japan, especially for Golden Week.
Before introducing you to the popular spots for clam digging in Japan, let’s find out what we need to prepare for clam digging first.


1. What Do we Need to Bring for Clam Digging?



If you’re interested in clam digging in Japan, please prepare the following items in advance:

・Digging rake
・Sieve basket
・Work gloves
・Cooler box
・Ice pack


Clam digging at the beach can be enjoyed for hours at a time so it’s easy to catch a tan. If the weather is nice and sunny, a hat and sunscreen are recommended to protect your skin from sunburn. Wear rain boots and bring some changes of clothes in case you get wet, and you’re ready to go.


2. Tips for Successful clam digging



Being able to dig for clams by yourself means for a better trip! If you want to dig many clams, bear in mind the following 2 tips:

・Choose a shallow place when the tide is out.
・Choose an area abundant with seaweed.


Most clams gather with the above 2 conditions and if you look carefully the shallow waters, there are very tiny holes everywhere; this is how the clams breathe. If you find the holes, you will find a clam.


3. Great spots for clam digging



Let’s see where the popular spots for clam digging in Japan are.

Marine Park in Kanagawa

This park is the only park with a beach in Kanagawa prefecture. The best advantage for this park is that it’s free for clam digging. Not only clam digging, but you can also enjoy boardsailing or barbecues.


Address:10, Uminokoen, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama City, 236-0013
Train: Seaside Line “Uminokoen South Exit Station” walking time 0 mins!
Car: Free parking is available


Funabashi Sanbanze Kaihin Park in Funabashi

This park is famous or clam digging and it’s clam season from April to June every year. You need to pay an entrance fee of 430 yen, but boasts very convenient access from either Tokyo or Chiba.


Address:40, Shiomicho, Funabashi city, 273-0016
Bus: From Funabashi Station, take the bus for “Funabashi Kaihin Koen” to the last station. About 1 min walk to the park.
Car: 500 yen for parking



Even if you can’t go too far or are unable to take a lot of time for a trip, how about taking a look at a house exhibition or try out clam digging in Japan? Either way, you can save money and travel time.
It could be a great opportunity to see what kind of houses are desirable for Japanese people at a house exhibition and fun experience to find your own clams, not at the sushi restaurant but at the beach in Japan.

Wishing you a beautiful sunny Golden Week!