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Ranking: Top 10 Beaches Near Tokyo

By Tony Tao Jul 31, 2020

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Speaking of beautiful Japanese beaches, most of us may think of Okinawa, but the country still has many other spectacular beaches with crystal clear water and pure white sand, even near Tokyo.  

If you live in Tokyo, and you really don’t have time to travel that far. Make no worries! The Guidable team would like to share with you the top 10 fantastic beach destinations near Tokyo in Japan that you can enjoy during your weekend!

Japan is a clean place and would like visitors to respect their ethos, littering (especially on picturesque beaches) is unacceptable. Even tipping is considered as a rude action in this rule-based country. Manners go a long way, for foreigners, Japan is very different in terms of culture, but what’s the point of traveling to a place that is similar to home? 

Are you ready? Let’s check the TOP 10 BEACHES near Tokyo out! 

1. Yuigahama beach (Kanagawa)

Yuigahama Beach (由比ヶ浜) is 3.2 km long and lined with beach shacks. If you are a party lover and looking for summer fun and craziness, this beach is perfectly suitable for you. Only a 15-minute walk from Kamakura Station, you will reach this famous local beach, which is considered the best place to swim, play beach games and enjoy the colorful sunsets.

Maps: https://goo.gl/RMSn09

How to get there: JR Yoksuka line to Kamakura station the take a bus or walk 20 mins.

2. Enoshima Island (Kanagawa) 

Just a short train ride west of Kamakura, Enoshima (江の島) is an island of lovely tourism just off the coast but connected to the mainland by a bridge. 

There are many attractions on the island, including a shrine, park, observation tower, and caves. On days with excellent visibility, Mount Fuji views can be enjoyed (it’s part of what makes Enoshima such a unique place)

If you choose to visit Enoshima, Enopass would be the recommendation from the Guidable team, which gives you access to many activities on the island such as the caves and observation tower.

Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/55fy2qXjKWYJknjQA

How to get there: Take an express or rapid express train to Fujisawa Station from Shinjuku and transfer to a local train to Katase Enoshima Station, on the line terminal station. 

The entire one-way trip takes 65-75 minutes and will cost 640 yen.

3. Moriya Beach (Chiba)

 Moriya is considered as a top-rated beach that is visited by many people each year. The open scenery is very stunning with a clear crystal ocean and has been chosen as one of a hundred designated water baths and one hundred Japanese beaches in Japan. It’s shallow, the waves are calm, and the beach stand is also plentiful so you can relax and enjoy the beach resort for all ages in a pleasant setting! 

Many people set up picnic tents and bring packed food.

Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/QiGzLqzSU1Tpoyad9

How to get there: You can go there by train and an 8-minute walk. Kazusa-Okitsu station (JR East’s Sotobo Line) is the nearest station.

4. Isshiki Beach (Zushi)  

Very relaxed and chilled beach perfect for families and those who want to avoid the fuss. Isshiki Beach (一色海岸) is located in the city of Zushi, not far from Kamakura, the famous historic town. The beach is surrounded by green and rocky formations that make the scenery unique, and no wonder why there is the Imperial Villa here.

Map: https://goo.gl/OXWPfo

How to get there: By JR Yokosuka Line to Zushi station then take a bus ride (20mins) to Isshiki Kaigan

5. Oarai Beach (Ibaraki)

Located in the district of Oarai, east of Ibaraki Prefecture, Oarai Sun Beach is part of Oarai Prefectural Seaside Park. This popular coastal resort draws summer crowds from around Kanto to enjoy sandy beaches, safe swimming, and various activities, including beach volleyball and surf.

Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/n1X3jhTteAQL2Sx69

How to get there: From Tokyo station to Mito station (75mins) by JR Joban line. From Mito station to Oarai station (15 mins) by Kashima-rinkai tetsudo kashima line and 10 minutes of bus ride from Oarai station.

6. Onjuku Beach (Chiba) 

Located two hours away from Tokyo, hop-off at Onjuku Station and reach the sandy beach of Ojuku (御宿). The beach is much less crowded than other peninsular beaches (if you prefer busy beaches, visit the Kujukuri Beach-down below!). The beach has two iconic statues on the back of the camel, of two Arabian knights. 

Chiba, by comparison, is a stunning surf spot in Japan on the other hand! 

Map: https://goo.gl/5ZuW5R

How to get there: By JR Wakashio Line to Onjuku station then 10 mins walk

7. Kujukuri Beach (Chiba)

Located on Chiba’s Boso Peninsula, Kujukuri Beach stretches 66-kilometer long-making it Japan’s second-longest beach. 

Every summer, Tokyo and Chiba ocean lovers head to Kujukuri Beach for sunbathing fun and great surfing.  It’s considered one of Japan ‘s best surf spots, and also offers other marine sports.

Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/LdFtSmwBzNFFt6PL8

How to get there: Take the JR Sobu Line (limited express) from Tokyo to Choshi Station, then switch to the Choshi to Inubo-saki Station.

8. Shichirigahama beach (Kamakura)

Many tourists go to this specific Enoshima neighborhood to get a clear view of the Kamakurakokomae Station, which is famous for being depicted in the extremely popular Slam Dunk basketball manga. 

Having a decent view of the real-world scenery that serves as a backdrop to your favorite story’s most dramatic moments can be a lot of fun, so check it out if you are a Slam Dunk fan

Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/iq9r4qhrqNdXTjVr7

How to get there: From Tokyo, take a 90-minute train ride on the JR Tokaido line and Enoshima Dentetsu. Get off at Shichirigahama station, and a quick 2-minute walk brings you to this beautiful scenic beach.

9. Tatadohama beach

2.5 hours from Tokyo, soft sand, warm shores, a long stretch of coastline and sweet waves best describe Tatadohama Beach in Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture. This beach in the south of the peninsula of Izu is especially popular for surfing and other water sports, and can be used throughout the year for surfing. It has a reputation for being incredibly clean.. The water is so clear you can see the bottom, even when the water is five meters deep.

Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/jWCoH3GRZPs5K99K9

How to get there: Tatadohama is best accessed using the Super View Odoriko Limited Express from Tokyo Station to Izukyu-Shimoda Station (2.5 hours). From here you can take a regular bus to Tatadohama Beach.

10. Shirahama Beach (Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture)

The Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture is one of the most popular getaway destinations from Tokyo, and a famous Onsen spot along the coastline. Shimoda (下田) is a beach town on the southern tip of the peninsula and home to several stunning beaches with white sand and clear water. 

Shirahama Beach (白浜) is the largest beach in the area where numbers of hotels, restaurants, beach shacks, etc., are located, and usually very busy during summer. If you’d prefer quieter beaches, head to the southwest of Shimoda, where numbers of small hidden beaches can be spotted. Shimoda can be reached from Tokyo within 2–3 hours by train, and local buses are handy to get around the area.

Map: https://goo.gl/ovPuKq

How to get there: By Tokaido line or Shinkansen to Ito station then take Izukyu Line to Shimoda station and take a bus (10mins) to Shirahama Kaigan.