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Summer in Japan Series 5: 10 Interesting Water Parks in Japan

By Chanankarn Jun 29, 2022

If you desire to have a splashing-great time in summer in Japan, love a family vibe and that thrilling feeling when you slide down from a slide, experiencing Japan’s water parks will make your summer!

Here Is Some Guidable’s List of Delightful Water Parks in Japan

In this article, we introduce a list of 10 interesting water parks in Japan located in different areas. Where are they? How interesting are they? Let’s explore together!

1. Tokyo Summer Land – Tokyo

Tokyo Summer Land is located in Akiruno City, Tokyo Metropolis. This park consists of two zones, a water park, and an amusement park. The water park zone has two zones, indoor and outdoor. The indoor zone has tropical vibes you can enjoy in the rain or shine. You can also have fun by using water rafts or relaxing in a Jacuzzi bath. While the outdoor zone has the longest river to cruise you around the park. 

The entry fee for adults starts at 3,900 yen, and for children starts at 2,000 yen. More details here.

2. Yomiuri Land – Tokyo

Yomiuri Land is located in Inagi City, the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis. This park consists of two zones, a water park, and an amusement park. The water park zone has many kinds of pools, such as Wave Pool, Lazy River, and Anpanman Pool. There are also thrilling water slides such as Giant Sky River, Straight Water Slide, and Slalom Slide await for you to make it through! Also, you can enjoy swimming in the evening time since 5 pm – 8 pm in the Night Pool areas.

The price for adults starts at 3,000 yen, and for children starts at 2,200 yen. More details here.

3. Tobu Zoo – Tobu Super Pool – Saitama

Tobu Zoo – Tobu Super Pool is located in Shiraoka City, Saitama prefecture. This park is a hybrid leisure land that consists of a zoo, water park, and amusement park. The zoo has a total of 1,200 animals from 120 species, including a rare species of white tigers and the amusement zone has more than 30 kinds of family attractions to enjoy! 

The pool zone, which opens only in summer, has a pool complex such as a pool with waves, a pool with flower figures, and a pool for kids!

The price of an admission-only ticket for adults starts at 1,800 yen, and for children starts at 800 yen. More details here.

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4. Kawagoe Aquatic Park – Saitama

Kawagoe Aquatic Park or Kawagoe Water Park is one of the most popular summer pools in Saitama prefecture. Not only is it a water park but it also includes many sports facilities such as tennis courts and a gymnasium that you can use! And there are other activities that you can do such as fishing, canoeing, and barbecue camping!  

In the water park zone, there are various pools and sliders, such as the Wave Pool, Aqua Snake, Venture Slider, and Chibikko Pool.

The cost of the Kawagoe Aquatic Park to access the summer pool for adults is 730 yen, and for children is 210 yen. More details here.

5. Nagashima Spaland – Mie

Nagashima Spaland is located in Kuwana city, Mie prefecture. There are various facilities to serve customers’ demands, for example, flower and food parks, amusement parks, onsen, outlet malls, and water parks.

In the amusement park, there is a Steel Dragon 2000, which is one of the Giga Coasters. It is the world’s second-tallest rollercoaster at 97 meters, with the longest track of 2,479 meters, which is sure to make you scream out loud when it hits a peak speed of 153 km/hr within three minutes of the ride. In the water parks, there are many kinds of pools, such as a surfing pool, Japanese playset pool, and hot-spring pool which you can enjoy with your family!

The price of a combination of amusement park and pool ticket for adults is 3,800 yen, and for children starts at 2,800 yen. More details here.

6. Rusutsu Resort Super Jumbo Pool – Hokkaido

Super Jumbo Pool is located in Rusutsu Resort in Abuta city, Hokkaido prefecture. Rusutsu Resort is a resort that has many activities and events provided for visitors who can come and enjoy every season. 

During summer, Rusutsu Resort Super Jumbo Pool will be opened to splash fresh and fun throughout the season. There are many pools and sliders that everyone can enjoy together! 

The price for an adult starts at 5,900 yen, and for children starts at 2,100 yen. More details here.

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7. Spa Resort Hawaiians – Fukushima

Spa Resort Hawaiians is located in Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture. It is an onsen theme park designed for year-round enjoyment. Its hot spring water comes from Iwaki Yumoto Hot Spring, which is one of Japan’s oldest hot spring resorts.

The Spa Resort Hawaiians has five spa theme parks, consisting of a water park, a spring park, spa garden Pareo, Edo-Jowa Yoichi, and ViR Port, which you and your family can enjoy together! It also has three hotels and a golf course provided for visitors. 

The price for adults starts at 3,570 yen, and for children starts at 2,250 yen. More details here.

8. Uminonakamichi Seaside Park – Fukuoka

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park is located in Higashi city, Fukuoka prefecture. It is a large family-oriented public park with many different areas, such as a zoo, sports fields, playgrounds, flower gardens, a water park, and open spaces for picnicking.  

The water park zone is only limited open in summer. It consists of six unique pools which are very popular!, such as a Running Water Pool where you can flow with the water and go around a Water Jungle, a Dinosaur pool where the water flows out from the feet of dinosaurs!

The price for adults is 1,800 yen, and for children is 900 yen. More details here.

9. Hakone Kowakien Yunessun – Kanagawa

Kowakien Yunessun is located in Hakone city, Kanagawa prefecture. It is a spa resort that attends visitors worldwide with 23 hot spring baths, including beautifying baths such as wine, coffee, and sake!

Not only various baths, but here also has a variety of restaurants, a shopping mall, and a hotel where you can stay and enjoy your summertime!

The cost of a passport for all areas is 3,500 yen per person, and for children is 1,800 yen. More details here.

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10. Spa World – Osaka

Spa World is located in Osaka prefecture. It is a place that combines spas, onsen, sauna, and pools together! In the hot spring baths, there are many themes that you can enjoy, such as Ancient Rome, The Mediterranean Sea, Atlantis, Persia, and Bali!

In the pool zone, there are a variety of exciting waterslides and relaxation pools that you can enjoy all year round! The indoor swimming pools are available regardless of the weather as well!

The cost for the entry fee for adults is 1,500 yen per person, and for children is 1,000 yen. More details here.

Which of Japan’s Water Parks Is Your Favorite?

This list of water parks in this article shows only a part of the water parks in Japan that are popular among tourists view. But there still are more interesting water parks in Japan that you can enjoy!  

If you have some in mind, send a message and let us know at @guidablejapan on Instagram.


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