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Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Toyama’s Most Attractive Snow Attraction in June

By Devy Jun 7, 2022

Have you heard about the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route that boasts a 15-meter-high snow wall that stands even in June? 

In Toyama, one magically remains each year! You can still see, enjoy, and play with the snow even though summer is just around the bend in Japan.  

Besides the unique high snow walls found in June, Toyama prefecture has many other snowy features that you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

We’ve summed up a brief Tateyama snow wall experience to guide you to help you enjoy this fascinating snowy experience in summer!

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How to Get to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Firstly, there are several ways to get to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route from Tokyo. You can take the Shinkansen to Nagano station, which takes about 100 minutes and costs around 8,000 yen. Otherwise, you can take the night bus route called the Tateyama Alpine Route from the Shinjuku highway bus terminal. 

If you’re looking for a more affordable route, take a one-day trip from Toyko by bus from Shinjuku Station to Tateyama Alpine Route. Keio Dentsetsu’s Alpine Route set costs 16,800 yen for a one-way trip from Shinjuku through the Apline route to Toyama Station. 

We suggest going with the Alpine Route set because not only is it more affordable and convenient, but it’s a complete package that allows you to enjoy the Snow Wall Alpine Route and other stops along the way. 

The first thing you will need to do is catch the night bus, which will take you from Shinjuku station to Ogizawa station in Nagano. It’s about a seven-hour journey with two stops along the way. This ticket requires a reservation for the convenience of its passengers. 

If you do go with the Alpine Route set, When you arrive at Ogizawa, all you have to do is exchange the ticket vouchers you will have received for ongoing transport tickets to the final destination at Tateyama station, which includes a ticket for the main attraction, the Tateyama Snow Wall. However, if you decide to go without the set from Tokyo, you will need to buy all tickets in advance at Ogizawa.

The trip will include various modes of transport, from a tunnel bus to a cable car to a ropeway with a fantastic view to a tunnel trolleybus and yet another bus, before finally ending with a cable car that will take you down to Tateyama station. 

If you buy the set ticket, one ticket is all you need! It may be troublesome and time-consuming not to as you will have to buy every ticket individually before you set off, which will take time. 

Kurobe Dam, Not to be Missed Out On

On the way up to the Tateyama Snow Wall, don’t miss out on the hidden gem called Kurobe Dam. 

Kurobe Dam was built in 1950 by the Japanese government, and it was shaped so that it could doubly be used as a power plant and also as a tourist destination. 

Between April to June is the best time to view Kurobe Dam as there is a great combination of blue water and green trees covered in snow! 

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The dam is surrounded by beautifully lined mountains which make for tremendous scenery.

With the additional features of old, sturdy buildings and very clear water reflecting the beautiful scenery, the Kurobe Dam is a favourite destination among tourists.

You can enjoy the breathtaking view from the viewing deck before taking the next ride to Tateyama Snow Wall, or you can climb up the stairs to reach the fantastic top-tier viewing platform with a higher viewing level.

Tateyama Murodo Snow Wall

Once you arrive at the Murodo Snow Wall, you will be astounded by the view! The sight of a huge wall of relatively thick snow all around you that remains standing even though the sun shines so brightly is impressive.

It is important to wear UV protection sunglasses and carry sunblock. Due to the snow, the reflection of sunlight will be highly harmful to your skin and sight. 

The Murodo Snow Wall is a corridor with up to 20 meters high snow wall along the sides, designed as a pathway for people to walk in the middle while enjoying the view. Murodo Snow Wall can also be seen from the bus to the next stop. 

Since it is located on top of Tateyama mountain, you can see the beautiful scenery of snow-white-covered mountains that transform into an ocean of snow!

You may see people kitted out with a full set of equipment that look like they’re ready to climb a mountain. They usually are! There is a walking path for hikers to reach the top of Tateyama mountain; however, it is a long hike from the Murodo Snow Wall. 

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It is important to remember that it is crucial to wear the proper equipment for snowy terrain, including suitable clothing and sunglasses. For those who would like to hike further, you should prepare the essential equipment for hiking in the snow, such as the proper shoes, special walking sticks, and more. 

For those visiting before April, Tateyama is also a popular destination for those who like to ski and snowboard due to its higher difficulty level. Head down to Tateyama Sanroku Ski Area for a fun experience in the Tateyama mountains; however, please note that courses are not marked by difficulty, so make sure to double-check the route beforehand. 

Enjoy the Stunning Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Snow Before it Ends

The Murodo Snow Wall is a must-visit snowy experience accessible from Tokyo. You can enjoy the best scenery between late April to late June every year. Don’t miss it! 

Devy Mufliha,


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