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Want to be Friends? Ask for their Blood Type!

Apr 25, 2018

Have you ever been asked for your blood type by your Japanese friends? “What’s your blood typ... Read More...

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How to Make Friends While in Japan

Aug 25, 2017

  You will surely never run out of activities to keep yourself busy with while you are l... Read More...

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5 useful expressions to maintain good relationship with Japanese friends

Aug 9, 2017

Trust, respect, and communication are essential in every relationship. These are among the facto... Read More...

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How to Make Friends as an Exchange Student in Japan

May 27, 2017

As an exchange student in Japan, there are many easy ways to make friends and expand your social net... Read More...

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Where to find acquaintances and friends if you’re new in Japan

Where to find acquaintances and friends if you’re new in Japan

May 26, 2017

Life gets easier and more bearable when we have friends around us to share things and adventures w... Read More...

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Culture: The Japanese Way of Friendship

Culture: The Japanese Way of Friendship

Jul 22, 2016

Humans are social animals. We all need friends in varying degrees. Some have very small network of t... Read More...

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